Worms W.M.D Download for Android & IOS
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Worms W.M.D Download for Android & IOS

Worms W.M.D Download for Android & IOS

Worms W.M.D Download for Android & IOS


This 2-D artillery video game is turn-based, and your main goal is to kill your opponents. This is not the only thing you’ll be doing. Continue reading if you’d like to learn more.

What are Worms W.M.D?

You will play as worms, opening fire on their enemies and operating artillery. Although the concept may seem simple, this game’s gameplay and other features elevate it. You will be able to recognize the similarities between the fun and other Worms games.

This doesn’t mean the game is copied-pasted. The W.M.D has more options in terms of customization options, buildings, locations, and weapons.

The worms themselves have been redesigned. You don’t have to be afraid if you have never played a Worms game. The game will be very similar to Angry Bird and Mini Militia. Let’s talk about the gameplay to explain better.


Franchise developers tried to revitalize the Worms through different means throughout their history. All of this was unsuccessful. W.M.D. decided to go back to basics. This seems to be working.

Simple designs and 2D gameplay make the game feel more fluid. You won’t experience any lags.  The game will start with a worm you can control.


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Worms W.M.D has a simple concept- worms fight worms using weapons. But this simple concept has been elevated thanks to the features. Want to know what these game-changing features are? Just read on below: 

  • Multiplayer

You can start off playing single-player if you haven’t played it before. But then it’s advised that you opt for multiplayer because that is where all the fun is. You can match up with local players or go online to make a team of 6 players maxes every match. To make things better, know that you will be able to customize all parts of multiplayer. Whether it is the location or the weapons available, you can change it all.

  • Crafting

In the game, you will get multiple items to craft things from. These items will be dropped off anywhere in the area, and you will have to reach the place to collect those. Note that you will only be able to craft with a relevant item and only in the crafting panel found in the menu. But you will be able to prepare your items anytime. 

  • Vehicles

The vehicle is a concept that’s new to the franchise. In W.M.D, you can use vehicles to attack your enemies. For example, a helicopter will allow you to launch an air attack enemy camp. Apart from helicopters, you can use drill boats, tanks, a rocket-league car, and a mech suit.

  • Weapons

There is a tonne of weapons to use. The variety on offer makes the game, so fun to play. Know that here you will get gas grenades, minigun, uzi, shotgun, sticky grenade, bazooka, dynamite, fire punch, baseball bat, and more. The choices are endless and will allow you to get creative.

  • Jetpack and ninja rope

Do you want to get to the enemy camp but don’t have any vehicles? No need to worry. You will be able to get the job done by using jetpacks and ninja ropes. Note that the magical feature of ninja ropes is that they can be lengthened or shortened mid-swing. So you will be able to adjust your trajectory whenever you like.

  • Phone battery

A phone battery creates an electrical charge that is capable of frying any worm that is within range. So it is an excellent weapon for both short and long-distance attacks.

  • Buildings

Along with vehicles, buildings that the worms can enter and use for tactical advantage or cover are first seen in this game only. These places will allow you to recover and plan your strategies in the meantime.

Worms W.M.D is the perfect game for anyone who doesn’t want to focus on genre games anymore but wants something addictive and engaging to play with. Here you will get many weapons, vehicles, and killing strategies to choose from. But how you plan the attacks, that freedom is all up to you.


Worms W.M.D Download for Android & IOS




Worms W.M.D Download for Android & IOS
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