Age of Mythology finally gets a remake

Age of Mythology finally gets a remake

Age of Mythology finally gets a remake

Age of Mythology finally gets a remake.

It’s hard to believe these words are being written, but Age Of Mythology is finally getting a complete remake!

Although Age Of Empires’ fantasy-focused cousin has not been given as much attention as its predecessor, it is still a great game with a large cult following. It’s fantastic news to find out that the definitive edition of the game is being revived.

Age Of Mythologywill do Age Of Mythologywhat previous Definitive Editions of Age Of Empires and its sequel for those games. Expect quality-of-life improvements, improved visuals, and fun surprises along your journey.

In a blog, World’s Edge’s stated that “We know the Age of Mythology community had been hopefully waiting for Definitive Edition”, and they will be delivering. We are working hard to bring you all the glory of the original with updated graphics, features, and more.

Age Of Mythology was released in 2002. It shares the same DNA as the rest of Empire’s games. As you probably know, the twist is that it draws inspiration from mythology such as Greek, Egyptian and Norse. It was a massive success in those days, selling over 1,000,000 copies within four months.

Those attached to the Age franchise (Empires and Mythology) have known for years that they would love to see the former back. They seem to have finally gotten their wish.

Microsoft also confirmed previously leaked information that Age Of Empires II Definitive Edition (and Age Of Empires IV) will be coming to Xbox next year during the broadcast.

Age of Mythology finally gets a remake
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