Red Dead Online player loses $1 million

Red Dead Online player loses $1 million

Red Dead Online player loses $1 million

Red Dead Online player loses $1 million.

There has been quite a stir online since the announcement that Google Stadia is about to end. After just three years, the cloud gaming service will be ending its service on January 18, 2023. Google has confirmed that all hardware and software purchased through the Google or Stadia stores will be refunded by mid-January. Still, the fate of saving files for players is not inevitable.

When the news was first made public, @ItsColourTV, a Twitter user, shared his frustrations about losing nearly 6000 hours of progress on Red Dead Online. He said how they were (understandably) “seriously pissed off.”

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This user was happy to hear that Stadia players can transfer all their Gold Bars and RDO$ to an existing account on PS4, Xbox One, or PC with a Rockstar Social Club linked account. However, this transfer is restricted to “active Stadia users,” meaning that players who played within the last 30 days of Stadia’s announcement of their closure are not allowed.

You’re right. You’re out if your schedule was busy the month before the announcement. ScreenRant reports that @ItsColourTV has started raising awareness for another player affected by this technicality.

It’s a difficult one. The 30-day rule means anyone who did not play in the qualifying period, no matter how hard they tried, is now completely helpless. Rockstar may make an exception, but it remains to be seen.

Red Dead Online player loses $1 million
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