Xbox boss confirms Call of Duty’s future on PlayStation

Xbox boss confirms Call of Duty's future on PlayStation

Xbox boss confirms Call of Duty’s future on PlayStation.


Most people think about Call of Duty today’s release of Modern Warfare II. Fans praise this “incredible” campaign with a particular level being hailed as one of the best. The classic killstreak rewards are back , as is the tactical nuke.

However, Microsoft is still fighting over CoD’s future. Microsoft is in the process of acquiring Activision. While they have stated that making CoD an Xbox exclusive “wouldn’t be profitable,” they also stated that it was a decision they would probably wait for, suggesting it might not be as concrete. Xbox’s boss has now settled all uncertainty.

Phil Spencer, Xbox boss, has confirmed that Call of Duty will continue on PlayStation. It won’t be an Xbox exclusive. He suggested that the franchise could expand to other consoles, such as the Nintendo Switch. According to The Verge’s Tom Warren Spencer, Call of Duty will be available exclusively on PlayStation. It would be great to see it on Switch.

He said, “would love to see the game available on multiple screens.”We want to treat CoD as Minecraft. For us, this opportunity is all about mobile. If you consider that there are three billion people who play video games, then only 200 million households have one console.

PlayStation has repeatedly challenged MMicrosoft’sacquisition Activision, while industry regulators are scrutinizing the deal. PlayStation has repeatedly challenged the deal, arguing that Call of Duty being made an Xbox exclusive is detrimental to the market. Spencer could dismiss this idea, which may be trying to guide the deal to its conclusion.

Xbox boss confirms Call of Duty’s future on PlayStation
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