Apex Legends Season 15 Notes

Apex Legends Season 15 Notes

Apex Legends Season 15 Notes

Apex Legends Season 15 Notes

We are nearing the end of Apex Legends Season 15, and we now have the Apex legends Season 15 Patch Notes available for your perusal.

These patch notes will contain all the changes purchased in the 15th season FPS, EA’s battle royale FPS.

Continue reading to learn all about the changes that are coming to Apex as a result of the new season.

Apex Legends Season 15 Notes

As usual, the most significant additions to the game are new maps and a Legend that you can play as. These features are discussed in greater detail at the end of this article.
Apex Legends Season 15 New Legend – Catalyst

Catalyst is the new Legend for Season 15. She relies on ferrofluid, which is a liquid that reacts with magnets. Her special metallic goo can create traps, such as a wall that slows enemies or spikes that spike them.

The catalyst is a control-type Legend. They are adept at controlling the battlefield using their unique abilities.

You can control how your enemies approach you by using your ultimate to slow them down, and you are tactical to make certain areas inaccessible.

Apex Season 15 – Broken Moon

Broken Moon is the latest map to be added to the Season 15 map rotation. It’s a bizarre landscape that combines natural elements with heavily industrialized areas.

The devs created the new map. They also posted a detailed description of some of the great new features on their dev blog. Zip Rails are bright yellow cables that allow you to zip around the map. Pathfinder, take heart!

Apex Legends Season 15 Notes
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