Harvestella Review: A chill farming sim with an epic RPG narrative

Harvestella Review: A chill farming sim with an epic RPG narrative

Harvestella Review: A chill farming sim with an epic RPG narrative

Harvestella Review: A chill farming sim with an epic RPG narrative

As I tend my crops, I glance up at the farm home I call home. It is delicately constructed in a way only JRPGs can understand, making it humble compared to a world full of elaborate design. The soundtrack matches every emotion as I look at it. Its gentle strings and soothing melodies are seamlessly integrated into each other, and a piano fills in the gaps. This moment is the best.

Harvestella has a farming sim unlike any other I have ever played. It has all the necessary attributes for growing plants and animal husbandry. However, it is user-friendly. You don’t have to refill the water tank. A permanent rod and lure can be used to fish endlessly. Harvestella is free from the minor hassles associated with Stardew Valley and Ooblets’ general gameplay.

Harvestella has a broader narrative that sets it apart from many of its peers. It’s not just a farming and life simulation game. The game also features an action RPG with an amnesiac protagonist. He has just arrived in Lethe Village and been given keys to Bird’s Eye Bray to his homestead, which has plenty to offer.

In the shadow of the Sea slight, Lethe is beautiful. Although the monument is beautiful, it and its three siblings are responsible for changing the seasons every 30 days. Recently, the Seaslights began to change, ushering In Quietus between Seasons, a day when a dusty light falls on everything and kills anyone it touches.

Harvestellabalances the joys of farming life with the significant threat. The result is a title that tickles many itches. Sometimes I have been halfway through a severe quest where lives are in jeopardy. Then, I take a break to return to the farm and sell some products or make some meals. The danger makes farm life more enjoyable.

Harvestella uses an in-game calendar and clock to keep each day short, but this is not a reason to panic. There is plenty of time for every quest. Each mission, from main stories to subplots, will remain at the same point as when you left it until you reconvene. This feature allows you a lot of flexibility in deciding on priorities.

However, each month’s end is a critical deadline for your crops. After the 30 days of each season have passed, Quietus starts and your plantlife, with some exceptions, begins to wither. Unharvested crops will be gone. Don’t plant new seeds too soon.

Before I continue with the review, let me clarify: Harvestella is incomplete. After twenty hours of play, I feel like I’ve seen and done much. The main story and farming also enchant me. Although there’s still much to see (which is likely considering HowLongToBeat doesn’t have completion times for Harvestella), at this point, I feel comfortable enough to assess my experience.

I love Harvestella. Since I loaded this JRPG, it has consumed more time than I can track. I am captivated by the combination of music and environment, so I keep my Nintendo Switch on. I am also attracted to the NPCs, side quests and main story.

Harvestella is full of charming NPCs. It seems like a day goes by without some conversation, sometimes as part of a quest. A few characters have a relationship counter that allows them to further develop a connection with them by completing specific tasks.

Harvestella Review: A chill farming sim with an epic RPG narrative
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