Little Nightmares II IOS/APK Download
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Little Nightmares II IOS/APK Download

Little Nightmares II IOS/APK Download

Little Nightmares II IOS/APK Download

Overview little nightmares ii

Little Nightmares II is a suspense-adventure game that places you in the role of Mono, a young boy who has been trapped in a world that’s been altered by the humming transmission from a distant tower.

Mono embarks on a journey to uncover the dark secrets of The Signal Tower with Six, the girl wearing a yellow raincoat as his guide.

It won’t be an easy journey for Mono and Six. They will have to confront a number of new threats posed by the evil residents of the world.

A dream in which a masked boy called Mono woke up from a nightmare of a door with an eye at one end of a long hallway.

Mono travels through the Wilderness, trying to avoid animal traps, and finally enters a decaying shack.

Mono and Six are taken to the School by the Bullies, the school’s rabid students. Mono saves Six from the Bullies and they escape the long-necked Teacher, who runs the institution. Outside the

Six is freed by him. He is held in the basement prison cell by the masked Hunter, who lives there. They are pursued by the Hunter through the woods until they find them in a shed.

Mono and Six use a wooden door to raft across the water. They then wash up on the Pale City’s beach, which is covered in mist and constant rain and littered with old televisions.

Mono attempts to use the televisions as portals into his dream throughout his journey.

He is always pulled back by Six, though, before he can get to the door. He is also able to absorb the ghostly children by touching them.

Little Nightmares II Free Download

  • New Collection
  • Terrible Residents
  • Masked Hunter

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How to Install Little Nightmares II on Mobile

1:: Download Game
2:: Extract Game
3:: Launch The Game
4:: Have Fun


Little Nightmares II IOS/APK Download



Little Nightmares II IOS/APK Download
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