People Playground iOS/APK Download
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People Playground iOS/APK Download

People Playground iOS/APK Download

People Playground iOS/APK Download

People Playground Game Overview

The ragdolls have risen to the top of the game charts. We have ragdolls that can be killed with any weapon in large open spaces.

Shoot, stab and burn ragdolls. This game is designed for those who love to play ragdolls but want something more. There is plenty of space for you to explore. There’s plenty to do.

Each object has a set property that describes how it interacts in the world.

Although the game appears simple, its mechanics and design are incredibly detailed. We wonder what the game will look like in a few months if this developer is able to accomplish such a feat. It features drowning, burning, and breaking limbs. The game also has a dynamic, multi-layered gore system that is super responsive.

Playground Features

  • Some stuff conducts
    While many things can conduct electricity, not all of them are as good as others. It is also very easy for humans to do it. Certain items become more powerful when they are charged.
  • Some stuff burns
    The fires of wood, rubber, plastic, as well as humans, are very efficient. Place them on fire, and watch as it slowly turns black.
  • Some stuff shoots
    You can choose from a variety of projectile-based weapons to use in the game.
  • Some stuff explodes
    Different explosives have different destructive powers. They also vary in the way they release energy.

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People Playground iOS/APK Download



People Playground iOS/APK Download
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