Taboo Season 2 Essential Knowledge.

Taboo Season 2 Essential Knowledge.

Taboo Season 2 Essential Knowledge.

Taboo Season 2 Essential Knowledge.

Taboo, created by Tom Hardy and Chips Hardy alongside Steven Knight, premiered in 2017 as an BBC drama series. Set in 1814 London, adventurer James Delaney (portrayed by Hardy) returns from spending several years adventuring across Africa at an important period when tensions between Britain and America were at their highest. At his father’s funeral – leaving only himself as sole claimant of an inheritance that both powerful adversaries (Britain/US/East India Trading Co etc) want for themselves; trapped between greedy enemies with powerful allies at his side; Delaney devises an escape plan in order to escape alive from them all alive –

At the conclusion of Taboo: Season 1, Delaney and most of his group managed to escape British authorities aboard ship and head towards America as expected; instead he chartered one for Ponta Delgarda in Portugal in search of Colonade (an agent known in American circles). Fans have eagerly anticipated its second installment and now six years since its initial release have passed without news about Taboo: Season 2.

Due to their busy work schedules, Tom Hardy and Steven Knight hadn’t had an opportunity to come together in order to work on Taboo: Season 2. That is until recently when Steven Knight confirmed with Collider in 2021 that “six out of eight [episodes] have been written”, then again later with Radio Times that Tom Hardy met with him to discuss work for Season 2!

Season 2 is not expected to premiere until 2019, yet fans of Taboo should take comfort knowing a sequel at least remains possible.
Fans might expect Taboo: Season 2 to continue James Delaney’s story, yet Tom Hardy had other ideas in mind for its follow up season. In an interview he did with Esquire 2021, Hardy stated that Taboo could also follow James before events of Season 1, or perhaps follow another member of Delaney family through different historical periods while maintaining its tone from Season 1.
Taboo was written and produced as a joint effort between the Hardy family and Steven Knight. Additionally, Scott Free London (run by Ridley and Tony Scott), Sonar Entertainment BBC and FX Productions all had roles to play.
Taboo: Season 2 remains in production, yet looks optimistic about its prospects for release. In the meantime, Season 1 can be streamed on Netflix or BBC iPlayer; or purchased as either DVD or Blu-ray media.

Taboo Season 2 Essential Knowledge.
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