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Helldivers 2 Update Brings Massive Changes and Enhancements

Arrowhead Games has consistently emphasized its commitment to delivering high-quality updates for Helldivers 2, even if it means slowing down the release pace. The latest patch, released this morning, is a testament to this commitment, bringing substantial improvements and changes to the game.

The most significant update involves a comprehensive set of pseudo-armor penetration buffs for the game’s higher-caliber weapons. Former CEO and current CCO Johan Pilestedt explained in a blog post that “durable” body parts, which are large but non-vital parts of the model, were previously taking similar damage from both small arms and heavier rifles. This resulted in powerful weapons like machine guns feeling underwhelming. The new patch addresses this by increasing damage against durable body parts by at least 10% for most high-caliber weapons.

For instance, the MG-206 Heavy Machine Gun’s damage against durable body parts has been increased from 23% to 33%, and the BR-14 Adjudicator’s damage has risen from 10% to 20%. Other affected weapons include:

  • AR-23 Liberator
  • M-105 Stalwart
  • AX/AR-23 “Guard dog”
  • AR-23C Liberator Concussive
  • R-63 Diligence
  • BR-14 Adjudicator
  • AR-61 Tenderizer
  • MG-43 Machine Gun
  • A/MG-43 Machine Gun Sentry
  • A/G-16 Gatling Sentry
  • EXO-45 Patriot Exosuit’s Gatling


The Eruptor, which had been inadvertently nerfed due to shrapnel causing ricochet issues, has received a significant buff, increasing its damage by 150 per explosion. This adjustment aims to enhance its effectiveness against moderately armored enemies while retaining its horde-clearing capabilities.

In addition to weapon buffs, the update introduces several gameplay enhancements. Supply lines are now visible on the galactic war map, providing players with a clearer understanding of priority target planets without relying on external resources. Additionally, the most frustrating mission modifier, AA-Defences, which reduced available stratagems, has been removed. Arrowhead Games plans to revisit operation modifiers in the future, but AA-Defences was particularly problematic as it limited strategy options without promoting diverse playstyles. The Retrieve Essential Personnel mission type has also been temporarily removed for further adjustments.

Planetary weather conditions have undergone a complete overhaul. Fire Tornados, previously notorious for seemingly chasing players, will now move more randomly. Visibility on fog-dense planets, particularly in Desert and Highlands biomes, has been improved. Players can now hide in shrubbery, which reduces enemy detection range, providing a significant advantage for stealth and solo players. This change complements the reversal in patrol spawning mechanics, which had previously made solo play more challenging.

For a detailed breakdown of all the changes in this update, players can visit the Steam news page. The latest patch demonstrates Arrowhead Games’ dedication to improving Helldivers 2 and ensuring a high-quality gaming experience for its community.

Helldivers 2 Update Brings Massive Changes and Enhancements
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