Elden Ring DLC: Why the Challenge is Part of the Appeal

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree has sparked a lot of discussion about its difficulty, with many players finding the DLC’s brutal boss fights and unforgiving environment overwhelming. This has led to mixed reviews on Steam, with some players arguing it’s too hard to be enjoyable. However, some fans believe the high skill ceiling is a defining feature that makes FromSoftware games unique.

Helldivers 2 director Johan Pilestedt is one such fan. He has been engaging with Shadow of the Erdtree players, sharing his perspective on the game’s difficulty and why he appreciates it. Pilestedt explains, “The games industry is now big enough for there to be so many exciting experiences for all audiences. I try to imagine having this variety when I was 10… It would have been mind-blowing!”

Elden Ring’s DLC, like many FromSoftware titles, is not designed for everyone. It appeals to a specific audience who enjoy the challenge of fighting tough bosses, often likened to “bashing your head against a brick wall.” For these players, the sense of accomplishment after defeating a challenging boss is unparalleled.

“A game for everyone is a game for no one,” Pilestedt says. This sentiment is echoed on the Helldivers 2 website, where the same quote is prominently displayed. Both Helldivers 2 and FromSoftware games enjoy significant popularity despite their niche appeal. While Helldivers 2 may not be as difficult as Elden Ring, its complex galactic war gameplay also caters to a specific audience.

There’s no single right way to play or enjoy these games. As Pilestedt points out, “Good game design is evoking emotion more than anything. Helldivers 2 aims to evoke different emotions—edge-of-the-seat gameplay that turns into epic wins or fails. Shared laughter or collective ‘fuck yeah’.” The same can be said for Elden Ring and its DLC. Recent patches have slightly buffed players, and mods are available to make the game easier, offering optional relief for those who find the challenge too daunting.

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