Our Team


Jeffrey Jones Founder

Jeffrey is the Founder and the Owner of The Health Eaducation. He likes to provide our readers with everything they need to know about our Gaming World.

Phone: (+1) 502-584-2539
Email: [email protected]


Justin Smith

Justin is working as the Editor for The Health Eaducation. He always wanted to share his love of gaming with everyone thats why he joined The Health Eaducation.

Phone: (+1) 502-582-2198
Email: [email protected]


Ted Wathen

Ted is the Reporter working at The Health Eaducation. He tries to find the latest things going on in our gaming world and share them with our readers.

Phone: (+1) 502-581-3039
Email: [email protected]



Kylie Threatt Writer

Kylie works as the writer for The Health Eaducation. She likes to write and have been writing for a few years now before joining The Health Eaducation.

Phone: (+1) 502-582-5198
Email: [email protected]



Jannet Ojeda

Jannet is working as the Author for The Health Eaducation. She has a love for writing and started her carrer as the College Writer and now she is working with us.

Phone: (+1) 502-585-3591
Email: [email protected]

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