Subnautica Developers Want to Make a Sequel

Subnautica Developers Want to Make a Sequel

Subnautica Developers Want to Make a Sequel

The 2018 launch of Subnautica catapulted Unknown Worlds Entertainment from comparative obscurity to international fame almost instantly. As evolution wraps up on Subnautica: Under Zero, Unknown Worlds could be setting its sights on a different sequel.

In a meeting With PCGamesN, Art Director Cory Strader dropped clues about the studio’s aims. One of them is the chance of a third Subnautica, now.

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As Strader clarifies, Unknown Worlds originally intended for Beneath Zero for a DLC to get Subnautica Instead of a stand-alone game. Consequently, it is very like this 2018 original. The main gameplay difference is that the inclusion of a fever mechanic. The player needs to fend off hypothermia in the harsh surroundings. Beneath Zero provides clearly more exploration over the surface and brand new vehicles to research it with. Nonetheless, the core experience is mainly the same.

And since Unknown Worlds intended Beneath Zero to become DLC, the programmers omitted possible new attributes like multiplayer and VR. You can find mods for the two, needless to say, but no official aid. But, Strader suggested that the studio was”rethinking” their mindset on multiplayer. Strader claims that multiplayer is not off the table when a new Subnautica comes around while he doesn’t make any specific promises. To quote him, “I’d imagine we’d be rethinking those items, at the multiplayer side of things when we do future a Subnautica game.”

This implies a Possible Subnautica 3 Is a very long way off but remains something that the studio is considering. Obviously, Unknown Worlds must wrap up work on Subnautica: Under Zero before it could accomplish this. The game is still in early accessibility, and the studio has lots of work to do before the 1.0 release this Spring.

Following this Programmers that PCGamesN talked to, Unknown Worlds also has at least one new job in the works today. On the other hand, the studio has been reluctant to say more. 1 possibility is the Unknown Worlds may be returning to focus on Future Perfect. Announced in 2014, Future Perfect is, or was, thought to be a tool for players to make custom multiplayer first-person shooters. But, it is languished in development hell for a while, inducing a complete launch or official cancelation.

Another possibility is the fact that Unknown Worlds is functioning on Natural Choice 3. An exceptional science fiction tactical shot, Kotaku once clarified Natural Choice two as a combo of Counter-Strike and StarCraft. Despite releasing all of the ways back in 2012, Unknown Worlds continues to supply the match with upgrades and patches. Considering its continuing service and cult recognition, a sequel may not be out of the question.

Finally, though, just Unknown Worlds understands what it intends to do following Subnautica: Under Zero. But it is fantastic to understand that Subnautica’s programmers are already considering where the franchise may be heading.

Subnautica Developers Want to Make a Sequel
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