Cover art for WWE 2K22, leaked pre-order bonus

Cover art for WWE 2K22, leaked pre-order bonus

Cover art for WWE 2K22, leaked pre-order bonus

Cover art for WWE 2K22 leaked pre-order bonus.

Rey Mysterio will be the featured wrestler in the 2K delayed WWE 2K22 package. This information was leaked via Twitter today.

Nils Ahrensmeier is the leaker. He previously dropped the Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania back in 2021. The featured artwork looks unique compared to any other high-quality press photos from WWE in the past. Mysterio was also featured in previous marketing materials for the game. He was one of the first to be displayed in-game.

Preorders of the regular edition will be included. Those who preorder the Deluxe Edition will get access three days earlier.

  • Three more Undertaker persons
    • Phantom Mask
    • Lord of Darkness
    • Match for Boneyard
  • MyFACTION EVO cards to Undertaker and additional bonuses
  • Season Pass

WWE 2K22 follows up the disappointing 2K20. It was plagued with bugs and a lack of features. Many fans returned to the previous version. 2K21 was cancelled, and 2021 is the first WWE-branded video not to have been on the shelves since 2000.

no 4Life Edition

Others have mentioned a nWo 4 Life Edition. This could tie in with MyFACTION single-player mode. It is a spin on MyTEAM mode found in other 2K titles. The nWo (New World Order), a team made up of former WWF/E stars Kevin Nash (dubbed The Outsiders’) and Scott Hall (dubbed ‘The Outsiders’). They integrated Hulk Hogan into his first-ever heel turn (a bad guy) to create a huge uproar and change the industry.

The team eventually expanded to cover a large part of the roster. However, it eventually became too big and was divided into several groups or failed stories.

Mysterio is currently on his second run with the company. He took a slight detour to Mexico promotions, AAA, and the bizarre concept, Lucha Underground. He has also briefly wrestled in Japan. He currently wrestles with Dominik in a tag team on weekly television.

It’s an understatement of words to say that he’s a legend. His legacy includes runs with nearly every aspect of the WWE. He also highlighted a foreign style to the masses in WCW television in the 1990s. Even at 47, he can still do almost everything he did years earlier.

Cover art for WWE 2K22, leaked pre-order bonus
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