Warriors: Rise to Glory Full Version Mobile Game
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Warriors: Rise to Glory Full Version Mobile Game

Warriors: Rise to Glory Full Version Mobile Game

Warriors: Rise to Glory Full Version Mobile Game


Warriors: Rise to Glory.

Warriors – Rise to Glory is available for download here. This page contains information about Warriors – Rise to Glory and download it for free. You can either download the torrent file or the direct link from different filehosters. You will find the link to the download at the bottom.

Game Overview

Take courage, warriors and set off on your journey to the Indiekingdom. This is where blood, glory and tactical decisions determine the fate of men or women.

You can create a lineage that is fierce and (dis) honourable, fighting to the death in an arena and becoming the most respected/brutal bloodline.
This great goal will not be easy to achieve. You will lose some of your warriors along the way, and this death can prove to be fatal. Fear not, brave warriors! Death is just the beginning. Your bloodline will grow stronger with each fallen Warrior as you gather loot from victories and take the souls of your slain enemies.

You have the power to decide what happens to your fallen opponent.

Are you merciful or vindictive?
You have the freedom to choose. You have to make wise choices, as the rewards you get will depend on your choice. Some fates are worse than death.

Turn-based battles.

In arenas with spectacular settings, fight intense 1vs1,2vs2 and Free for All battles. You can make tactical decisions to defeat your opponents based on your luck and attributes. Also, you can team up with other players and form fragile alliances that can be broken at any time.

You can challenge Indiekingdom’s most powerful BOSSES with your friends.

Co-op PVE boss fights are a great way to team up with friends. Each boss is unique in their fighting style and skill set. This is a challenging job with tremendous rewards. You have two options: either you win or lose your Warrior permanently.

Learn from others and develop your fighting style.

One Warrior falls, and another rises. Each Warrior of your lineage will give part of their fortune and glory to your House. This will increase the attributes and perks of your future warriors.

You can upgrade the appearance, weapons, and armour of your warriors.

A unique look is essential for every Warrior. Your bloodline should be unique and not just like the generic NPCs. You have over 100 weapons, armours and other tools to equip your Warrior.
Do not get attached to your warriors. Keep your head up and Rise to Glory!

Warriors: Rise to Glory Full Version Mobile Game




Warriors: Rise to Glory Full Version Mobile Game
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