HOME BEHIND 2 IOS Latest Version Free Download
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HOME BEHIND 2 IOS Latest Version Free Download

HOME BEHIND 2 IOS Latest Version Free Download

HOME BEHIND 2 IOS Latest Version Free Download


Home Behind 2 is a Roguelike RPG that you can download for free. It takes place in Scaria, which has been in civil war for 10+ years. As you fight to overthrow an authoritarian dictatorship, lead a band of revolutionary fighters through the government’s territory.

Home Behind 2 Install-Game

Home Behind 2 takes us back ten years to Scaria, the homeland of our protagonist from the previous story. The oppressive dictator Akadullah is now the ruler of Scaria. Citizens in Scaria call for revolution and liberation. As they grew more vocal, uprisings spread like wildfire throughout the country.

Banan, a female student at college studying abroad, decided to return home to participate in the revolution. Will you be able to face the dangers in western Scaria with the help of Prince, an eccentric agent from the Norton Republic and Haroun, the son of a disgraced tribal leader? Can you escape Akadullah’s regime and lead the revolution? Your fate is in your hands. Ben 10 Power Trip

Home Behind 2: Free Download

  • This Roguelike RPG lets you explore the randomly-generated areas of western Scaria. You can also occupy enemy oilfields and claim cities under the command of the Revolutionaries.
  • There are hundreds of buildings and events that can be found on various terrains. When you decide how to solve the problems in your environment, play to your strengths.
  • You can recruit and train hundreds of guerilla fighters. You can unlock 36 jobs with different talents, battle skills and stats. Then assign your fighters as you wish to your team.
  • Strategic real-time combat system. You can use tactics to inflict devastating blows on your enemies or pause time to command your team.
  • Random drops of armour and weapons. You will find hundreds of weapons from World War II to the present day.
  • You can mount machine guns, flamethrowers or rocket launchers on your vehicles to face ever more dangerous mechanized enemies as you travel deeper into Scaria.
  • You can build and upgrade a camp to support your Revolutionaries. This will allow you to cook, make food, and craft armour for your combatants.
  • Through an extensive primary campaign and many side missions, learn about Scaria’s incredible history of revolution and war.


HOME BEHIND 2 IOS Latest Version Free Download




HOME BEHIND 2 IOS Latest Version Free Download
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