Days Gone Full Game Mobile for Free
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Days Gone Full Game Mobile for Free

Days Gone Full Game Mobile for Free

Days Gone Full Game Mobile for Free

Game Overview

Days Gone is an open-world action-adventure adventure game in the harsh wilderness two years after a catastrophic global pandemic.

You will be walking in the shoes of Deacon St. John (an ex-outlaw biker), who is a bounty hunter looking for a reason to survive in a land that is surrounded by death. You can either scavenge abandoned settlements to find valuable equipment or join other survivors trying to make a living by fair trade…or more violent means.


* The Pacific Northwest has a striking setting. It is both stunning and deadly, from forests and meadows to desert lava fields and snowy plains. Discover a range of small towns, mountains, caves, mines, and other rural areas that have been ravaged by millions of years worth of volcanic activity.
* Brutal encounters. With Freakers and vicious gangs roaming the land, you will need to use various customizable traps, weapons, and skills to survive. Your Drifter bike is an indispensable tool in this vast land.
* A constantly changing environment: Deacon takes you on a ride on his trusty motorbike. You’ll see a dynamic world dramatically affected by weather and the developing Freakers who adapt to their surroundings and those around them.
* A captivating story: Let yourself be carried away by the powerful tale of despair, betrayal, and regret as Deacon St. John seeks to find hope after a personal tragedy. When faced with daily survival struggles, what makes us human?


Days Gone Full Game Mobile for Free



Days Gone Full Game Mobile for Free
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