SLAY THE SPIRE Full Game PC For Free

SLAY THE SPIRE Full Game PC For Free

SLAY THE SPIRE Full Game PC For Free

SLAY THE SPIRE Full Game PC For Free


We created Slay the Spire Free download by combining card games with roguelikes to create the best single-player deck builder. You can create a unique deck, meet strange creatures, or find relics with incredible power. Slay The Spire!

Slay the Spire:

Slay The Spire requires players to first choose the character they wish to explore the Spire. The only character that can be played is Ironclad. This -damaging warrior is capable of devastating strikes and a variety of defence options. To unlock other characters, you will have to play him only once. There are still updates to the game and plans to expand the character pool. There are currently four playable characters. However, they must be unlocked first. Playing with a champion unlocks another character. Ironclad unlocks Silent, Silent unlocks Defect, etc. To unlock all playable heroes, multiple runs are necessary.

Get Slay the Spire for Free:

Each character is unique in their appearance, abilities and play style. But most importantly, they also bring their own cards to the deck. Ironclad, for example, is more of an all in warrior while Defect prefers waiting until the end of the battle to unlock his full potential.

Choose wisely when choosing your cards. There are hundreds of cards you can add to your deck for each attempt to climb the Spire. To defeat foes efficiently and reach the top, choose cards that can work in conjunction. The layout of your journey up the Spire will change each time. You can choose to take a risky path or go easy, face different enemies, find different cards, and even battle different bosses. The Spire contains powerful items called relics. These relics have powerful interactions that can enhance your deck. Be aware that acquiring a relic can cost more than gold.

  • 250+ fully-implemented cards
  • More than 150 items are available.
  • 50+ unique combat encounters.
  • 50+ mysterious events that could help you or hurt you
  • Daily climbs let you compare yourself to every player around the world.
  • Modifiers for crazy runs can be mixed and matched in a custom mode



  • OS:

    Windows XP


    Intel Dual Core

  • RAM:

    2 GB RAM


    1 GB


SLAY THE SPIRE Full Game PC For Free



SLAY THE SPIRE Full Game PC For Free
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