BAROTRAUMA PC Game Download For Free

BAROTRAUMA PC Game Download For Free

BAROTRAUMA PC Game Download For Free

BAROTRAUMA PC Game Download For Free


Barotrauma, a 2D submarine simulator for co-op in space, has survival horror elements. You control your submarine and can give orders to fight monsters and fix their machinery. Keep an eye out for danger.

Barotrauma Install-Game:

A 2D cooperative survival horror submarine simulation, Barotrauma is inspired by FTL: Faster Than Light, Rimworld, and Dwarf Fortress. This Sci-Fi game combines ragdoll Physics and alien sea monsters with teamwork and existential terror. Humanity has fled to Jupiter’s Moon shortly. The ocean below is the only place where life can be found, thanks to its icy surface. Explore the harsh underwater world to discover what lies beneath Europa. Barotrauma is dangerous, but it doesn’t always warn you. Untitled Goose Game

Barotrauma Free Download:

Barotrauma can be enjoyed in many different ways. You can work together with your crew to accomplish your goals, or you can betray a traitor. You can play with strangers, friends, or even your worst enemies. Navigate underwater, solve missions to find the last human survivors, discover the ruins of an alien civilization’s past, and flee from or fight monsters. Complex onboard systems and devices such as the sonar, nuclear reactor and weapons, engines, pumps, and other equipment, must be operated. Communication is essential.

Learn how to master the intricate wiring onboard and the extensive crafting and medical systems. You can create your submarines or monsters using built-in editors that rival the existing ones. You can even tap into our source code to modify it.

  • Multiplayer is best, with 2-16 people in a submarine. Bots can be added to your player count as required; single players are also available.
  • Six classes of players with different skills and tasks: Assistant, Captain, Engineer, Mechanic, and Medic.
  • Multiple game modes and procedurally generated maps for almost endless replayability.
  • Built-in Character, Submarine, and Procedural Animation editors. Steam Workshop allows you to share and discover mods.
  • All data in XML and game source code is publicly available on GitHub.



  • OS:

    Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit versions)


    Intel Quad-Core

  • RAM:

    4 GB


    1 GB


BAROTRAUMA PC Game Download For Free



BAROTRAUMA PC Game Download For Free
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