Final Bravely Mobile iOS/APK Version Download
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Final Bravely Mobile iOS/APK Version Download

Final Bravely Mobile iOS/APK Version Download

Final Bravely Mobile iOS/APK Version Download

Overview Final Bravely

A powerful creature called “The Reaper”, reigns supreme in a magical world. The Reaper is determined to take over the Earth by drawing is mana. The chaos that ensued is affecting even the souls of the dead. Explore Nilume to learn the tragic story N’Orzielle and the dark, destructive road she took in order to rescue her from her horrible fate. Find out the real identity of “The Reaper” to witness the devastation caused by the “Gods”. You will be faced with many difficult tasks during your adventure. You will need to find your way into temples full of riddles, and you will face many terrible dangers as you try to eliminate corruption.

What was the purpose of the “Gods”, who decimated an entire village? How did the legend become true? To find out the truth, explore the story fragments scattered throughout the game. Gameplay: Enjoy an old-school RPG. You’ll be able to combine abilities and magic spells to defeat the most terrifying monsters while you master Final Bravely’s combat system. You can personalize your adventure using 8 different character classes. Alchemy can be used to create powerful enchantments for your equipment, or develop new spells.

The New Advanced Arcade Mechanics

The Reaper: This is a powerful combo-smashing weapon that can be used to inflict massive damage and absorb the strength of his allies. He can absorb the energy of his enemies to regenerate after a fight. The Paladin: a Paladin is a powerful healer and offensive magician. He can also use many useful skills. The Electrokinesist is a class that uses lighting magic to take down its enemies.

The Electrokinesist is able to summon lightning storms to paralyze his targets. The Engineer: This class has many unique features. It can cast several gun spells that inflict damage directly and uses capacitors to create powerful traps that cause large amounts of damage. The Dark Knight: This class is very strong and can inflict devastating status effects while protecting the group. The Berserker is a powerful class that can transform most basic attacks into devastating blows. The Lancer: His piercing attack can penetrate even the most robust armor. Even the most difficult enemies can be easily damaged by The Lancer. The Monk: He is able to adapt to all combat situations. The Monk is able to improve his abilities to create powerful combinations, regardless of whether he requires strength or protection.

Final Bravely:

  1. Magic World
  2. This Terrible Creature
  3. Terrible Dangers


Final Bravely Mobile iOS/APK Version Download



Final Bravely Mobile iOS/APK Version Download
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