PLANETBASE PC Game Download For Free

PLANETBASE PC Game Download For Free

PLANETBASE PC Game Download For Free

PLANETBASE PC Game Download For Free


Planetbase is a strategy-based game in which you lead a group space settlers to establish an outpost at remote planets.

Planetbase Install-Game:

You play the role as the base architect, manager and tell your colonists where they should build the structures that will sustain them. To ensure they stay alive, you will need to make sure that they have enough oxygen, food, and water. In a hostile environment where failure is possible, you will need to get them to gather energy, mine metal, produce food, and create bots. Although the game is not meant to be a simulation, the mechanics are realistic and reflect the challenges that would arise when establishing colonies on a new planet.

Planetbase Download Free:

The player is a leader of a group space settlers trying to establish a base on an isolated planet. The role of manager and base architect is shared by the player. The player is responsible for guiding the colonists in building a base that can sustain them, provide water and food, and maintain oxygen. You can direct the colonists to make robots and mine different types of metal. There are four possible planets that can be colonized. Each one has its own conditions and a higher difficulty level. These are the Frozen Planet (Destiny Planet), Frozen Planet (Frozen Planet), a Barren Moon (Storm Planet) and Frozen Planet (Frozen Planet). You must control the flow of colonists to your colony and ensure that they only have useful skills. Engineers, workers, and guards are the most valuable colonists. To complete more tedious tasks, robots can be built.



  • OS:

    Windows Vista/7/8/10


    Intel Dual Core

  • RAM:

    2 GB


    1.10 GB


PLANETBASE PC Game Download For Free



PLANETBASE PC Game Download For Free
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