According to reports, Knights of the Old Republic remake has been ‘delayed indefinitely’

In September 2021, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was announced. It was a big deal because KOTOR, one of the most beloved Star Wars games, is also almost 20 years old. This makes it difficult to play today. A remake seemed like an impossible project. However, a Bloomberg report says it was delayed indefinitely due to problems at Aspyr Media.

Jason Schreier from Bloomberg reports that Aspyr did a vertical slice demo to demonstrate the remake to executives at Lucasfilm, Sony, and other companies. Both Jason Minor, art director, and Brad Prince, design director, were fired by the studio within the week. Prince stated on his LinkedIn page that termination wasn’t expected. He wrote, “Things can very quickly change in a day.” I have resigned from Aspyr and am looking for work.

The cause of the chaos is the vertical slice, essentially a demo that shows all of a game’s features in action. Ron Gilbert, the Monkey Island creator, once called it “one of most stupid things the game industry ever made” Minor might not have expected trouble. Still, Bloomberg sources said Aspyr’s studio bosses were unhappy with its state or the amount of money and time spent on it.

The timeline for the remake is also a concern. Aspyr originally stated that it would be available by the end of this year. However, developers now believe that launching in 2025 is more likely. This is the kind of discrepancy that no amount crunch (or any other short-term magic) can ever resolve.

The status of the KOTOR remake remains unclear. However, Aspyr employees have been informed that they are looking for new projects and that the remake could be moved into another development. This could involve Aspyr’s parent company, Saber Interactive, an Embracer Group subsidiary. I have reached out to Lucasfilm Games, Embracer, and Aspyr for more information and will update this post if I get a response.–3VNUsHrqEhw1rR46zdD

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