Invincibility Glitch Makes Warzone Return
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Invincibility Glitch Makes Warzone Return

Invincibility Glitch Makes Warzone Return

Invincibility Glitch Makes Warzone Return

In the very short history of Warzone, there have been many game-breaking bugs and glitches that have affected players’ matches. Battle royale was almost impossible to play in previous seasons due to issues that caused Operators to become invisible.

Regular updates from Raven Software have helped to reduce the number of problems. Many are hopeful that Season 4 Reloaded will bring some spice to the Season 4 meta, currently dominated by NZ-41.

While the developer is still working on fixes, some players are running into problems that make it impossible to defeat their opponents.

Warzone Invincibility Glitch Returns

Warzone content creator TrickyRick shows the exploit in action to raise awareness. The streamer accurately hits a target during a Caldera match but does not hit any markers.

They position themselves behind the unkillable opponent to execute a Finishing Move to deal the final damage. The opponent does not guarantee another kill, but instead, they get back up and kill the streamer to their dismay.

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The July 16 tweet, captioned with “I’m going lose it,” quickly attracted the attention of Warzone players. One player said that the possibility of running into an invincible opponent is “sad,” and another stated that the number of issues affecting the battle royale was “unacceptable.”

Others aren’t sure if the glitch is responsible. Invincible players may be part of hacking software, giving them a huge advantage on Caldera and Fortune’s Keep as well as Rebirth Island.

Invincibility Glitch Makes Warzone Return
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