The Russian invasion delayed the release of the next Men Of War II RTS

The good news is that we have a new trailer for Men of War 2 (the sequel to 2009 WW2 RTS Men of War), and it looks great. The bad news is that the trailer will not be available until 2023. Ironically, Best Way, the developer, stated that the Russian invasion of Ukraine caused the delay, despite the trailer’s focus being on the German invasion of 1941 of the Soviet Union.

The studio stated Best Way, a Ukrainian studio located in Severodonetsk. It had to relocate its staff and families after the events of February 24, 2022. During this time, development was stopped. Despite this, the Best Way team has eagerly returned to the game’s development in the last few months. With the support of the fan community, they have already run several rounds of closed playtests. Participants were pleased with the classic Men of War gameplay mix with new features such as Frontline and Direct Control.

Severodonetsk, in the Luhansk Oblast in the easternmost part of Ukraine, was captured in June by Russian forces after it suffered extensive damage during the Battle for the Donbas. Best Way stated that the feedback from players during the testing gave the team ideas for making Men of War 2 “bigger than anyone imagined.” This included a separate campaign for Germany, new missions and an improved interface. It won’t be possible to complete it in the timeframe originally set.

Maxim Kamensky, Men of War 2 producer, stated that Fulqrum Publishing was willing to allow him the time he needed to create a great game. This delay also allows us enough time to finish all the polishing and balancing phases important for a game like Men of War 2. We are grateful to the great community for all their feedback during closed testing. This is extremely valuable. We will be able to offer an extraordinary experience to our players with this extra time.
There is currently no new launch target beyond 2023. This means we may have to wait more than one year until Men of War 2 arrives. We’ll have the patience to see how it turns out. You can still follow the Men of War 2 Discord for updates.

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