Modders behind the epic Dino Grimlock PC Case are expanding their reach for 2022

When it comes to PC gaming, customization is crucial. This is doubly true for cases. After all your hardware has been sorted, it is time to find the perfect chance to fit it all in. This can be sleek and slim, with excellent cooling and low profile – we have tons of ideas. You could also make a dinosaur.
We were stunned by the Case Mod World Series’ creations last year. All over the globe, people came together to create exceptional cases. This is possibly the unique one we’ve seen.

Ed Mod Craft made the Grimlock case last year. It’s a wicked badass metal horror that is in every way possible. It is cumbersome and was designed with the 4R’s (reuse. reduce. recycle. and refuse). They’re making it sustainable sick again. Ed Mod Craft is working on a God of Aorus-themed case for Cooler Master Case Mod World series 2022. We can guess that the Gigabyte brand is inspiring the piece. It looks like these modders will make something truly godlike.

This concept depicts a slightly chibified portion of a metal-clad winged figure with a bird-like cowl. Although it’s pretty cool, it’s hard to imagine it being a case. It looks more like a sweet toy or action figure. We would expect this from the people behind the hardcore metal Dinobot. The progress images are even more impressive. The metal skeleton structure appears almost in place and looks enormous. This is not a mini-ITX build. This unit is much larger than it seems. It stands at least 1.5 meters tall. It will be a massive metal beast, and I cannot wait to see what it does.

You can also enter the Case Mod World Series in 2022 if this appeals to your creative nerves. There are many categories, including best tower mod, best scratch build, and best use reusable materials. You can find out more about each type by visiting the official website.

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