Street Fighter 6's Avatar Maker Is A Dream Come True

Street Fighter 6’s Avatar Maker Is A Dream Come True

Street Fighter 6's Avatar Maker Is A Dream Come True

Street Fighter 6’s Avatar Maker Is A Dream Come True

Street Fighter 6 is the most anticipated fighting game currently. It’s probably Tekken8. The announcement trailer was pretty sweet. But Street Fighter 6 has generated colossal excitement since the launch of all the new modes and features. You can create your avatar for the World Tour mode. Sign us up. Capcom has now revealed more information about avatar creation and World Tour mode at Tokyo Game Show 2022. This hype is only growing.

The World Tour mode was initially announced as a single-player mode. Most people didn’t anticipate that the avatar creation would be so complex. While many expected to have a limited number of presets and random outfits, what has been revealed in the trailer seems like Capcom’s most flexible creation suite. This is a remarkable feat, considering how diverse the characters of Monster Hunter World and Rise are.

Street Fighter 6’s mode is something dreams are made of. As a child, one of my greatest wishes was to see Street Fighter have a character creation feature. It was an exciting prospect to see my creation dude interact with Ryu, Dudley, and Akuma back then, but it never became a reality. We were able to assign custom moves to Ace in Street Fighter EX 3. But that’s not character creation.

Character creation suites allowed me to express myself freely, despite being bullied in school for most of my life. I gravitated to games such as WWE Smackdown, Tekken 5, or Soulcalibur. It’s a 3D fighting game that’s incredibly slow, but I still love Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. This is primarily due to the character creator.

Street Fighter joining those ranks feels a bit like a fever dream. With the World Tour mode offering an incredible adventure for players to embark upon with their custom character on a vast adventure, it feels like Capcom is trying to make Street Fighter 5’s absence of single-player content a thing of the past. It’s just a bonus that you can bring your avatar into the Battle Hub to interact with other players.

If you had one suggestion that would make the character creator even more helpful, it would be to allow avatars to be used online in specific matches. Although you can create your move-sets for your character in World Tour mode and use it in ranked matches, it feels like letting your creation/monster free in casual matches would be a great idea. Street Fighter 6 could do the same thing as Soulcalibur VI.

I am excited to be a Street Fighter character creator. While I know, I will probably misuse this feature and create another bearded Ryu, it encourages Street Fighters to let their creativity run wild. You could also use it to add unofficial guest characters and characters that are missing.

Forget about my bearded Ryu clone. When I create my Kiryu avatar, World Tour mode will transform into the next, Like A Dragon.

Street Fighter 6’s Avatar Maker Is A Dream Come True
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