Warzone pro shows off ghillie suit

Warzone pro shows off ghillie suit

Warzone pro shows off ghillie suit

Warzone pro shows off ghillie suit

It is not easy to win a Warzone game. Over 100 players are competing to be the last man standing. To win a match, the participants must master every aspect of movement and gun skills.

Players have used every item, even a dance mat, to win a place in the winner’s circle since its inception. Some prefer to use a controller, while others prefer to wear an outfit to enhance the immersion.

While working through the instructions, one pro Warzone player tried to win with every weapon in the arsenal. He wore a ghillie costume while attempting to score wins. best Warzone sniper rifles.

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Ethan Pink, also known as “Fifakill”, is considered one of the best Warzone players on Earth. With attention now turning to Warzone 2, he set himself the challenge of scoring a win using all weapons and guns. He crawled through his backyard towards his computer during a stream and then jumped into the action.

Fifakill is armed with a Kar98k and finds himself in the last four. With the circle closing in, Fifakill picks off all remaining players from a clifftop. Fifakill has conquered the sniper rifles and now he is focusing on melee weapons. He manages to score the 100th win with a combat knife.

Many people continue to marvel at his feat, but some say it doesn’t count because he uses a controller. A sceptical observer said that “he’s on a controllable doesn’t count.”

Warzone pro shows off ghillie suit
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