My waifu guild free full pc game for Download

My waifu guild free full pc game for Download

My waifu guild free full pc game for Download

My waifu guild is a free full pc game for Download.


Overview My waifu guild

My waifu guild Because of the severe nature of the operation, patients’ memories of the new life are erased before they take their last breath. The operation is performed only on patients dying to accomplish what they wish to have done with their lives. This story is about their quest to fulfil Johnny’s dream.

Each step back in history reveals a piece of Johnny’s past. The two doctors attempt to piece together the events that have spanned a lifetime and discover why the older adult died as he wanted. They offer people another chance at life, starting from the beginning… but only in their patients’ heads.

The digital surveillance system at Tacoma, which has captured 3D critical moments in the crew’s lives on the station, is the centre of Tacoma. These captured moments will echo around you as you travel. As you explore, you’ll use your ability to fast-forward and rewind to move through these interwoven scenes.

Six crew members lived and worked aboard the space station Tacoma. They experienced love and loss and faced crises together. You can play the role of an interactive investigator and discover what happened and made these people who they are.

You will be immersed in the story through an animated series of AR scenes that are fully voiced and animated. Explore Tacoma Station digitally and physically. To find meaningful objects, notes and physical artefacts, unlock drawers and open doors. You can also explore extensive digital records, including personal thoughts and digital communications. You can explore every aspect of the crew’s experiences in Tacoma.

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My waifu guild Free Download:

  1. Upgrade your characters
  2. Use spells against enemies
  3. Upgrade your guild




My waifu guild free full pc game for Download
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