Wordle 567 answer and hint for Saturday, January 7

It doesn’t matter if you prefer to read a clue or a few tips and tricks to make each day a success, or get to the January 7, (567) answer quickly, all you need to beat today’s Wordle is just one click or scroll away.

It was a great feeling to get there at the end. Today’s Wordle was a tight one for me. Again, it was something that felt more obvious in hindsight than at the time. You don’t need to worry about it, because a win on your last attempt is still a win.

Wordle hint for Saturday, January 7

Answer: A yellow citrus fruit of the same name, with an oval-shaped shape and a sour, acidic liquid. There are many parts of this fruit that can be used in cooking. This one will require you to locate two vowels.

Wordle Help: 3 Tips to Beat Wordle Every Day

One thing is better than Wordle, and that is playing Wordle well. Here are some tips to help you get started.

  • A balanced mix of unique vowels, and consonants is essential for a good opener.
  • You can quickly reduce the number of letters by making a second tactical guess.
  • It is possible that the solution contains repeat letters.

There is no time pressure, other than making sure it’s done before midnight. It’s okay to treat the game as a newspaper crossword. If you come up empty, you can return to it later.

What is the Wordle 567 answer?

It’s always more fun to win. The January 7 (567), Wordle answer to LEMON is

Wordle archive: Which Words have been used?

To improve your chances of guessing today’s Wordle answer, you should have a lot of past Wordle solutions in your memory. Past Wordle solutions can provide you with some great ideas for fun starting words that will keep your daily puzzle-solving fresh.

Here are some old Wordle answers.

  • January 6: BELIE
  • January 5: SLEEK
  • January 4: LAYER
  • January 3: ANTIC
  • January 2: Skit
  • January 1: WHINE
  • December 31: MANLY
  • December 30: MOLAR
  • December 29: HAVOC
  • December 28: IMPEL

Learn more about Wordle

Every day Wordle will present you six rows with five boxes. You can then choose which five-letter word is hidden inside each of them.

It’s a good idea to start with an evocative word, such as ALERT. This will contain multiple vowels and common consonants. Press Enter to see which letters you have correctly or wrongly. If a turn indicates that the box isn’t in secret, it means that the letter isn’t there at all. The letter is in the word, but not at that position. This means you have the right letter in the right spot.

Your second attempt should complement the first. Use another “good” word to cover any common letter you missed last year. Also, avoid any letter you don’t know is in today’s reply.

It’s then a matter of using the information you have to narrow down your search to find the right word. You can try six times and only use actual words. Remember that letters can be repeated too (ex. BOOKS).

For more help, visit our Wordle tips. You’ll also find the words that have been used below.

Wordle was initially created by Josh Wardle (a software engineer), as a surprise gift for his partner who is fond of word games. The idea spread to his family and was finally made public. The word puzzle game has inspired Wordle. Wordle allows you to refocus your daily gimmick on music, math, or geography. Wordle quickly became so popular that it was purchased by the New York Times for seven-figure sums. It is only a matter if we all communicate solely in tricolor boxes.


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