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Mafia 1 Mobile Game Full Version Download

Mafia 1 Mobile Game Full Version Download

Mafia 1 Mobile Game Full Version Download

Overview Mafia 1

Mafia 1 is not just about driving. You can now drive your car around different cities and participate in races.

The game also features shooting and foot navigation. The game’s city has an interior with an airport, museum, church, hotel, and prison.

Bars are also included. In the game, you can also see the weather system and the day/night cycle. The game is different from Grand Theft Auto, where missprotons are set at a specific time and the weather is pre-determined.

Mafia 1 includes 51 classic American cars. There are also 19 bonus cars that can be unlocked after completing a game mode or opening a new one.

The game introduces cars periodically. The vehicles used in the game are all based on real-world cars. Little modification is required due to copyright issues.

Police have the power to arrest players for various offenses, such as running a red light, speeding, and car accidents that could cause injury. Other forms of transportation such as trams or elevated rails may also be available. However, players cannot drive them.

Mafia is well-known for real realism. This game has more realism than other games, such as the ability to puncture the fuel tank and overheat it.

You can remove many exterior components from your vehicle by using physical means or firing weapons at them.

Mafia Free Download

  • Foot Navigation and Shooting
  • Interior City Map
  • Weather System
  • Day and Night Cycle
  • American Cars
  • Real World Cars

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How to Install Mafia 1 on Mobile

1:: Download Game
2:: Extract Game
3:: Launch The Game
4:: Have Fun


Mafia 1 Mobile Game Full Version Download



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