Destiny 2 Characters We Miss and Hope Will Return Soon

Destiny 2 Characters We Miss and Hope Will Return Soon

Destiny 2 Characters We Miss and Hope Will Return Soon

Destiny 2 Characters We Miss and Hope Will Return Soon

Destiny 2’s non-player characters can sometimes become too numerous for its narrative to handle them all at the same time, which leads to each season or expansion often featuring only certain ones of them; Season of Defiance for instance focused on Crow, Mithrax, Devrim and Amanda Holliday while Lightfall highlighted Osiris and Nimbus respectively. We miss hearing more from some characters we would like to see return for either Season of the Deep or another future release – we would particularly welcome seeing Osiris and Nimbus back for Osiris’ and Nimbus’ return would also make sense!

1. Ada-1–One of Destiny 2’s Missed Characters

We know we miss Ada, Queen of the Forges! She used to oversee crafting in Destiny 2, so her role would certainly come back into play if Ada’s role as cosmetic vendor weren’t currently wasted as they’re used up too much as cosmetic vendors; who wouldn’t love seeing an updated Forge system integrated with crafting run by Ada?

2. Ikora Rey

We haven’t heard much from Ikora Rey in some time now. She made an appearance in Witch Queen and received some screen time; we would love to know more about what she thinks of Osiris’ adventures on Neomuna; what are her views of Strand; is Ikora actually filling any Hunter Vanguard roles left open; these questions must be answered! Inquiring minds need answers!


Drifter We last saw Drifter during Season of Plunder. Since his introduction in Destiny 2, he’s shown signs of softening considerably since getting involved with Eris, Mithrax and Eido despite himself. A classic tale, where an introverted individual gradually opens up to others is always enjoyable to see happen – we hope Drifter gets ample opportunities for growth soon; recent leaks of Taken Reckoning weapons suggest his comeback may signal his return!

4. Orin

In relation to Drifters, remember Orin, Emissary of the Nine? At present, most Destiny 2 players only recognize her from her appearance at the end of a Prophecy Dungeon run, yet once upon a time she held much greater significance within the game – running both Trials of Osiris activity and running Trials of Nine activity were all part of her role in Destiny. Plus before becoming associated with them she helped fight back during Dark Age alongside Saint-14 as part of Pilgrim Guard before becoming involved with Nine and perhaps now its time they make a comeback?

5. Failsafe– Destiny 2 Character We Miss

Nessus remains mysteriously unchanged by Destiny 2, even with all its strikes occurring there. Assuming its longevity remains, could we check on Failsafe? She seems disengaged since last we saw her; let’s hope she has some purpose down there; perhaps giving this AI body or spaceship may bring more life for Failsafe down below?

Destiny 2 Characters We Miss and Hope Will Return Soon
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