Overwatch 2 Makes Orisa Skin Worse

Overwatch 2 Makes Orisa Skin Worse free Download PC Game (Full Version)

In Overwatch 2, many skins change the appearance of a character’s weapons, projectiles, and other features. For Orisa, her Energy Javelin is one such item. However, most of Orisa’s skins in Overwatch 2 use the default neon green javelin.

Months ago, the old Forest Spirit Orisa skin was given a wooden spear. This unique javelin was enough to entice Overwatch 2 fans and Orisa main xRetz to buy the skin. However, xRetz was disappointed to find that, months later, the javelin had reverted to its default appearance.

This is not the only Orisa skin with a custom javelin. The Star Sheep Orisa skin was released in December 2022 and the GRIFFON skin from the Battle Pass also has custom javelins. However, these are the only exceptions. All other Orisa skins use the default Energy Javelin, even skins like red Demonic Orisa or the purple Null Sector skin, where the green weapon looks out of place.

Many players pointed out that the Forest Spirit skin’s Energy Javelin was unfinished. These fans said the untextured weapon reminded them of an item from Runescape, and that it is no surprise it was removed. However, the fact that months have gone by without Overwatch 2 finishing the javelin – and that no other skins have even had their javelins recolored – calls into question if it will ever change them on Forest Spirit Orisa or any of her other skins.

With over 700 comments on xRetz’s Reddit post in less than a day, it is clear that Overwatch 2 fans are unhappy with the state of Orisa’s skins. This incident is proof that Overwatch 2’s cosmetic system and cash shop could use an improvement.

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