Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 PC Game Latest Version Free Download

Haunt Chaser PS5 Version Full Game Free Download

Haunt Chaser PS5 Version Full Game Free Download

Haunt Chaser PS5 Version Full Game Free Download

Haunt Chaser Game Overview

Haunt Chaser is a horror game. The game can be played in single-player or a 4v1 team game, where one player is in control of an entity from the paranormal while another player controls Chasers. They must use all hunting gear to defeat the devil and free unfortunate souls of the world from suffering, while revealing deeply disturbing mysteries. In addition, the 4 player co-op adventure mode is scheduled to be available soon.

Haunt Chaser will begin by releasing Season One Orphanage. After that, it will launch more themed seasons absolutely free.
The orphanage lies in a village that is abandoned, and you’ll soon feel the apprehension of the other Chasers. The aim of the Chasers is to liberate the spirit of children suffering in the Orphanage and removing the evil which afflicted the village the world for once and all time.
However, remember that the soul of your loved ones can be felt each step you take will be heard by dark itself. Children didn’t realize that! The Chasers at least know they’ll be waiting at the end of the tunnel!

Chasers may either work together or act as Lonewolf. The challenge of removing evil is determined by the extent to which they collaborate in a group or on their own. Keep in mind that there’s no way out until evil is eliminated.
Chasers must utilize their hunting tools to conduct investigations, uncovering details, and discovering necessary items needed to defeat an the entity. They also require the tools to escape from the evil, or to evade it.
TOOLS of Chasers

Specialized cameras as well as Mystic Stone provides you with a range of views of the truth in spectral form along with the camera Chasers will take photographs of the experience.
EMF Readers will be able to detect any slight differences within EM fields.
Through Parabolic Microphone Chasers will be able to hear the sorrows of those who have passed away souls.
The sigil is a powerful tool for stopping the spread of evil out the doors.
The Magical Ward can be placed to ward off evil, at the very least for some time.
Proton Light tool produces the appearance of a concentrated bright light blast with high energy. This tool is designed to eliminate an individual at the very least for a short time!
Skills of Entity
Speed Ability to Speed Entity requires the speed of its movement to capture its prey.
Teleport The creature can move between totems.
Invisibility: This makes it unnoticeable to the eye.
Tailer your Custom Lobby
We’re giving you the possibility to personalize the 1v4 experience to according to your preferences!
And, then, what are these setting?
1. It is possible to control each Entity ability cooldown in a way you’d would like.
2. You are able to establish revive count according to your preference.
3. It is possible to switch on and switch off Entities Haunting Voice for finding chasers as well as cooldowns you’d would like.
4. You are able to set the Proton Light Cooldown according to your preference.

It’s your responsibility to make it both challenging and as simple as you like for the Supernatural being player as well as The Chaser!
Random Events and Random Item Spawn Locations
Locations for random items to spawn as well as real human reactions can lead each game to a new and exciting scenario. There is no way to know what could occur next time around and, if you search hard enough, you might uncover the horrifying secrets hidden within the community.

The content creators explain the development as follows:

The Game could contain material that is not appropriate for everyone blood, violence and general mature content

Technical Specifications of This Release.

  • Game Version : Initial Release
  • Interface Language: English
  • Audio Language : English
  • Game File Name : Haunt_Chaser.zip
  • Game Download Size : 13 GB
  • MD5SUM : dbecf389b2d912b738a8726ce01dbd7d


Haunt Chaser PS5 Version Full Game Free Download



Haunt Chaser PS5 Version Full Game Free Download
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