GTA V PC Latest Version Free Download

GTA V PC Latest Version Free Download

GTA V PC Latest Version Free Download

GTA V PC Latest Version Free Download

Grand Theft Auto V PC Game Overview

GTA 5 is developed by Rockstar North and it is released under the brand of Rockstar Games. The date for the release of this GTA 5 game was 14 the 14th April, 2015. GTA V game can be played in first-person as well as from the perspective of third party. There is also the option of downloading Grand Theft Auto IV Complete Edition.

GTA V for PC Game Free Download and get up for battle. The main plot concerns Michael Townley who is under surveillance by the Witness Protection Unit within Las Santos, San Andreas in the aftermath of a robbery that was mishandled in Ludendorff. Michael realized that his wife has been behaving badly and is having had an relationship with her coach at tennis. In rage over the scandal, Michael chased down the coach, and he was destroyed.

GTA 5 PC Version Game Free Download

The whole incident took place in an apartment that was owned by the wife of a drug lord named Martin Madrazo. In the present, Martin wants to steal an jewelry shop owned by Michael and, from then on, Michael’s situation changed. His family dispersed him along with his former friends have been with a criminal underground. They must accomplish a string of deadly Heists in order to stay alive in the city of cold blood that is a place where no one can be trusted.

GTA V is undergoing a massive improvement in both visual and technical aspects. The graphics are crisper thanks to 4k resolution. The gamer can enjoy a variety of brand new features, including new weapons, vehicles, and animals. Traffic is now more dense. Its weather systems has also been upgraded dramatically. GTA V also includes a completely modern Rockstar editor. It will offer a variety of editing tools for players to make videos of their gameplay, and upload the videos for upload to YouTube.

Many mission-based and linear situations have been added to the game. Players are also able to roam around between locations in an wide-ranging environment. The universe depicted by GTA V is much larger than any of the versions and is made up of a rural area San Andreas plus fictional city of Las Santos. The player can run, jump and drive vehicles around the region.

The player can also make use of melee weapons and various explosives strategies to fight against the enemy. GTA 5 just like every other GTA releases, has numerous radio stations that can play a variety of styles of music when the player is in an automobile. There is also GTA Liberty City Vice City.

Specifications that are part of GTA V PC Game

The following are the major aspects that are included in GTA V PC Game that players will enjoy after installing the game on your operating System.

  • Awe-inspiring action-adventure game.
  • Significant overhaul in the technological and aesthetic aspects.
  • New weapons, vehicles and even vehicles.
  • New animals are included.
  • Denser traffic.
  • A better weather system.
  • Included is a brand-new Rockstar editor.
  • You can use melee attacks and other explosives.
  • There are multiple stations playing various types of music.


System Requirements of GTA V PC Game 2015

Before you start GTA V Free Download make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

  • Operating System: Windows 7/ Windows 8 and 8.1 ( 64 Bit )
  • CPU: Intel Core to Quad 2.4 GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Setup Size: 59 GB
  • Hard Disk Space: 65 GB


GTA V PC Latest Version Free Download



GTA V PC Latest Version Free Download
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