Don Bradman Cricket 14 iOS/APK Full Version Free Download
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Don Bradman Cricket 14 iOS/APK Full Version Free Download

Don Bradman Cricket 14 iOS/APK Full Version Free Download

Don Bradman Cricket 14 iOS/APK Full Version Free Download

If you’re looking for sports-based games, virtual games are gaining popularity. It is because of the multi-faceted features offered by the game. Don Bradman Cricket 14 is an online cricket game available on PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 4. Big Ant Studios create the game.

This game is loaded with various characteristics that could easily boost the time spent playing by avid gamers. Cricket is a sport that has immense appeal, and it is suitable in this video game too.

There are a variety of cricket-related video games however they come with a variety of difficulties, including dreadful control, inconsistent performance, and lagging. This is a problem that can be addressed in the game because it is a top control system and a realistic simulation that were the primary issues for nearly all games. Don Bradman Cricket 14 has been loved by everyone around the globe with open arms and is gaining huge acceptance.

What’s the game all about?

Don Bradman Cricket 14 is an online game about cricket that was created in collaboration with Big Ant Studios. Tru Blu Entertainment published it. It was originally developed to be played on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles.

The game is based on cricket. It is equipped with the most fundamental controls to provide the experience of playing cricket for the participant.

The game has many of the most impressive features, which are just as good as the actual games. Big Ant Studios has tried to incorporate every feature that works to allow for a more realistic experience with diverse modes players can use in the way they prefer. Additionally, it comes with the latest tools that allow players to interact with their gaming consoles efficiently.

If you’re a sports lover who is looking to experience a standard cricket video game that has simple game controls, this is the ideal choice.


The game’s gameplay is simple since it includes the fundamental game controls. If you’ve played any online cricket games previously then you will be able to easily grasp every control. The game’s core features allow players to simulate an actual cricketer.

Each cricketer’s face has been created in a way that gives you a more realistic feeling. The best part about the game’s gameplay is “Unique Batting and Bowling Controls” which comes with 360-degree shot delivery. This game’s gameplay is also accompanied by the “Fully Featured Fielding System” that allows players to steer the entire field. Ball physical properties are a bonus that gives you a more realistic experience. Additionally, it incorporates the new rules for cricket such as appeal and review. Alongside these, it also includes Practice nets as well as Match training, which are exclusive to video cricket games. Experiences with the latest enhancements are extremely efficient and beneficial for players.

A player can play the career mode, which means they will be able to progress as real-life player careers. Career options last for 20 years and give a realistic and effective feeling.

  • Games with features

The characteristics of a game determine the success of games. Through these features, you can manage different requirements. These are a few aspects that are part of DBC’14 which help it gain enormous popularity in the world of other cricket games. Let’s look into a few highlights in this game, which aid players in the most effective methods to get a distinct experience while playing.

  • Controls that are optimized

One of the things that distinguish this game is its control system. The decisions made by Big Ant have made the control of bowling and batting unique. They’ve not focused on conventional convention and they have reinvented the ways that players engage with the game. A reduction in the bizarre visual aids on screen makes it suitable for those who are ardent fans of cricket.

In particular, it is the thumbstick that is used to control the foot’s movement when batting. Another thumbstick controls the direction that the shot will take. The shoulder and face buttons assist the player in playing defense, and attack as well as lofted and trick shots. It is also possible to play Dilscoop or reverse sweep. When bowling, your thumbsticks can control cuts or spins and swing direction, as well as the type of delivery. In addition, the bowler’s delivery arm as well as the jump can be managed.

  • Game Modes

Various playing options are available to players in the game the single player could continue to play all the time. The profession mode aids in the creation of teams, umpires, and players.

  • Engaging graphics

Graphics games are essential because they increase the time spent by players. The graphics for Don Bradman Cricket 2014 are not as sophisticated as the other games, however, it is ideal for players looking to play an ordinary cricket video. Its inclusion of photos and scores from the past adds a nostalgic approach to the game that is sure to entertain players.

  • Game choices

The wide variety of game options is one of the greatest advantages of this game. Eleven unlicensed fields are part of the game. There are two licenses. With more than 79 teams you can enjoy an experience that is truly unique in cricket. In addition, there are also domestic and international teams, that are both futuristic and historic. Additionally, it has the following teams: 18 English domestic teams six Australian national teams, and “All-time best” teams.

The game is comprised of a number of the latest features that are designed to hold the essence and make the game more appealing to players. The new rules, such as appeal and review have been included to give players a realistic experience. Furthermore being able to play the net as well as practice matches are also a plus. They aren’t available in or in any previous video games based on cricket.

The creators of this game must be acknowledged for the fact that they attempted to create a new game. They tried to provide the game with the most advanced features and provide the feeling of being a part of the game. Some flaws can be addressed at some point including quirky graphics as well as bugs. If such issues can be addressed, DBC’14 could be able to find a spot in the world of sports-related video games. Simply put, it requires the best, i.e., perseverance that will allow players to be enthralled by this sport in its entirety.


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Don Bradman Cricket 14 iOS/APK Full Version Free Download



Don Bradman Cricket 14 iOS/APK Full Version Free Download
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