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Tomb Raider: Anniversary Full Version Free Download

Tomb Raider: Anniversary Full Version Free Download,

Tomb Raider: Anniversary Full Version Free Download

Tomb Raider: Anniversary The game retraces the original Lara Croft’s world-changing adventure. It’s a 3rd person action game in search of the famous Scion artifact. With an improved “Tomb Raider: The Legend” game engine, graphics, technology, and physics brings Lara’s journey and quest for the mysterious artifact referred to as Scion. Scion in line with today’s technological requirements and provides players a brand new gaming experience. Reimagined to the max, Anniversary offers a fluid, dynamic and swift Lara Croft, massive environments that are stunning in their visuals as well as intense battle and game-play pacing, along with an improved and clear unique tale.

Epic Exploration – The lost city of Atlantis and the ancient Egyptian pyramids are waiting to be explored: discover every hidden cave and the heights that are impossible to reach; explore unknown, mysterious lands to uncover their most dark, elusive questions; discover new lands, discover immense rewards and discover the secrets of Lara’s past.

Acrobatic Gunplay: Deftly jump over your adversaries while you hurl a storm of shots from your signature double guns.

Lethal Predators The Wilderness is waiting for you with an array of the bestial predators, from bats bears to wolves ready to protect their territories from human invading. The new AI is more advanced and means that enemies of all kinds will display an array of different behaviors and will present more challenging combat for players.

In the film, supernatural elements are utilized sparingly in order to bring a sense of mystical appeal across the globe, all while providing a grounded and stable center. The amazing T-Rex and the intriguing Atlantean centaurs will draw you in to the fascinating and enigmatic the world in Tomb Raider.

The Death-Defying Environment Playground. Leap across massive gaps, hang on ledges of rock, and plunge into underground tunnels.

Discover this Diabolical Machinery of the Past Try to defeat the masterful ancient architects of a myriad of epic puzzles as well as vaults, to find the mysteries. Note that they will not like ‘meddling in any way, and consequently their cost for failure is high.


Tomb Raider: Anniversary Full Version Free Download

  • Click the DRM Free Tomb Raider: Anniversary link below to download.
  • Wait until client finishes downloading to 100% and then locate the file/s folder.
  • Follow the step(s) to install:
    – Run or Double setup_tomb_raider_anniversary_1.0_(48900). exe
  • That’s it, play and enjoy!
  • You can support the developers by, if you like it BUY IT!





Tomb Raider: Anniversary Full Version Free Download
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