Cafe Owner Simulator Android & iOS Mobile Version Free Download
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Cafe Owner Simulator Android & iOS Mobile Version Free Download

Cafe Owner Simulator Android & iOS Mobile Version Free Download

Cafe Owner Simulator Android & iOS Mobile Version Free Download

We got inspired by sandbox and other simulation games in which players make something from scratch create processes, establish procedures, make their work, then add their soul to the project and showcase their creative skills. With the Cafe Owner Simulator, there is such a possibility, that we intend to create the chance to play a game where every person can fulfill their dream and create his own cafe company.
Cleaning and Restoration.

If you purchase a space to run your restaurant, you’ll need to clean the space of trash and carry out important repairs. This is not an easy job however, what could be more satisfying than cleaning up the long-term future of your successful café or restaurant?
Covering Surfaces.

Cleaning and fixing after cleaning and repairing, you must pick the right wallpaper carpet, or other coverings made of various materials, and this is the place the point where you can begin your design.
Kitchen equipment and kitchen.

What can you do without cooking equipment? Choose the kind of establishment you’re planning to open and then purchase the essential equipment needed for it. Don’t forget to hook it up to outlets.

Menus and Products

To open a restaurant, you must at least 5 items to your menu.
To prepare these meals – it is necessary to have the ingredients, which you can purchase from the supermarket.
Employees and management
There is an employment market. If you want to hire staff members hire a headhunter. Pay him to find an employee who is marketable to hire. Every employee is unique and has particular traits, so you should select the top ones.
The more desirable the traits the better the pay the worker is looking for. In time, the incentive for work diminishes. Pay incentives or recruit new employees Here, the decision is yours.
Restaurant development, and levels
When you perform various tasks in the game, you are awarded the experience points.
Once you have reached a certain threshold, the amount increases, and you are offered a variety of possibilities:
New furniture and appliances to put in place, fresh food items on the menu, innovative features available on the tablet device, money-back rewards, and many more.
New features and restaurant expansion
If you earn money, you’ll be able to expand the spaces in your café and make your dream concepts for design come true. It could be feasible to create an establishment near the cafe and also build a plaza for entertainment and entertainment for visitors.
What are the responsibilities of a restaurant’s proprietor?
As with any manager or owner of a restaurant, there is a lot of daily work on your hands. The tasks include paying the bills, directing staff, ordering food items and assessing the state of equipment and their repairs, removing insects and cleaning up the place and cash register and the counter for cafes (until you employ employees to do the task) and passing the inspections of the fire inspector as well as setting up and ordering marketing and advertising. If required, you may take out loans from banks However, it’s better to make payments on the time frame, or else there could be problems and more.


Cafe Owner Simulator Android & iOS Mobile Version Free Download



Cafe Owner Simulator Android & iOS Mobile Version Free Download
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