Dead Cells PC Latest Version Full Game Free Download
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Dead Cells Full Version Free Download

Dead Cells Full Version Free Download

Dead Cells Full Version Free Download

WeaEUR(tm)d would like to now present the Rogue Vania, which is the legitimate offspring of the contemporary Rogue lite (Rogue Legacy Binding of Isaac, Enter the Gangean and Spelunk.) as well as an older-school Metroid Vania (Castle Vania: Son and its ilk). Interconnected levels as well as the progressive unlocking access to the island provide the player with a reason to get out and explore the surroundings. In addition, there is a certain amount of development for your character along with permanent weapon upgrades, and you’ll see how Dead Cells borrows from the lengthy line of MetroidVanias that have preceded it.

Features of Dead Cells

The following are the major aspects of Dead Cells that you will have the opportunity to test when you install the game for the first time on the Operating System.

  • RogueVania is the ever-changing exploration of a world interconnected that includes the replicability of a Rogue-lite, and the adrenaline-pumping risk of permadeath.
  • 2D Souls-Lite Action: A tough but fair fighting with more than 50 weapons and spells that have unique gameplay. And of course, the rolling of the panic button to help out of danger.
  • Nonlinear progress: Sewers, Remparts, or Ossuary? When unlocked, specific permanent capabilities allow you to open alternative routes to achieve the goal you want to achieve. Select the one you’re currently on and play style, or even your mood.
  • Exploration: Secret rooms, hidden passages, charming landscapes. Enjoy a stroll around through the towers, and breathe at the sea’s fresh, mist in the air.


Dead Cells Full Version Free Download



Dead Cells Full Version Free Download
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