The Walking Dead Casino Slots Free Download PC (Full Version)

The Walking Dead Casino Slots Free Download PC (Full Version)

The Walking Dead Casino Slots Free Download PC (Full Version)

The Walking Dead Casino Slots Free Download PC (Full Version)

Get your survival gear and dress up with the legendary characters of the AMC series The Walking Dead in this online slot machine game that is officially licensed for mobile.

The Walking Dead: Casino Slots can take you into a spooky post-apocalyptic universe with intense gaming and amazing graphic designs. You’re trying to win every penny… as well as live until you can use it!

You can make money with a variety of Las Vegas-style slots with miniature games, events with a limited duration every hour and daily bonus infinite ways to win credits and spinning! Earn DAILY credit bonuses simply for signing in and receive a no-cost resource Chest by collecting five daily bonus logins!

In addition to the massive quantities of loot available to pile up, the ongoing Heroic Seasons give players the possibility of winning a staggering quantity of collectible heros that are ranked between Common through Epic. The heroes comprise Michonne, Glenn, Ezekiel, Carl, Jesus, Morgan, Carol, and numerous others. Your heroes can go on supply runs in order to gather important resources. You can also utilize Resource Chests to level your heroes to earn the highest credit reward!

Each high-end slot machine will immerse you in timeless moments of the show, such as Rick as well as Negan’s epic fight on “Showdown”! You can also relive other classic moment on machines like:

The Hospital
● Go back to where it all started and help Sheriff Rick Grimes break free from the hospital where he was left for dead.
● Match Wild “Don’t Open, Dead Inside” doors to rack up huge wins, BONUS SPINS, and fill up Rick’s health bar.
● Fill Rick’s health bar all the way to escape the hospital, triggering a bonus pick-game that lets you loot your way out of the hospital collecting gigantic payouts along the way.

The Prison
● Featuring fan-favorites Glenn, Carl, Michonne, and Rick.
● Collect Sheriff Badges to trigger the progressive mini-game “Clear the Yard”, where you’ll fight your way through The Yard and three cell blocks with increasing multiplier bonuses and millions of credits to be won!
● Includes an additional “Go Wild” bonus game that lets you choose one of two ways to win big.
● Fill the entire board with Sheriff Badges for the GRAND JACKPOT!

● Choose your survivor to go against the walker horde: Michonne, Daryl, Morgan, or Carol.
● Fill the first column with your chosen hero to trigger FREE RESPINS!
● Collect bullets to fill up your clip, triggering a unique mini-game where you’ll team up with the rest of the survivors to spin your way to enormous payouts with multiplier bonuses.

Don’t let your guard down, because there’s always a walker—and a new way to win—right around the corner:

● Limited-Time Events: Be prepared to take on the challenge of limited-time events for the ultimate payouts.
● Mini-Games: Spin to win on multiple levels, with mini-games that open up new bonuses and endless ways to win big.
● PvP Tournaments: Compete in timed spin-offs to see who will survive, and who will thrive.
● Collectible Heroes: Ongoing heroic seasons will give players the chance to win up to 8 iconic heroes from The Walking Dead each season.
● Resource Chests: Complete special objectives to win Resource Chests loaded with XP bonuses to level up your heroes.
● Level Up: Gain experience to level up each collectible hero for bonus loot, including a huge coin bonus when you max them out at level 5.
● Supply Runs: Send your Heroes out on scouting runs to collect valuable resources.
● New Slot Machines: Stay tuned for more ways to play, because new slot machines, mini-games, and bonus events are constantly on the way!


The Walking Dead Casino Slots Free Download PC (Full Version)



The Walking Dead Casino Slots Free Download PC (Full Version)
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