Wild West Faro Full Version Free Download
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Wild West Faro Full Version Free Download

Wild West Faro Full Version Free Download

Wild West Faro Full Version Free Download

Imagine the scene in an Saloon during the Old West. Imagine that you’re in the Saloon now, when you enter, you take a look around, and notice people taking part in a game of cards. They were playing Poker However, the sport you were looking for was one called Faro! If you’d want to try this famous classic game using your smartphone or tablet, install the most popular Faro game application right now to step back to the past. Wild West Faro is our first game to release!

There was a Wild West Faro card game was the most well-known card game that was played in during the Old West. The game was known in the community Saloon for “bucking the tiger” or “twisting the tiger’s tail” The name came from earlier cardbacks that contained a sketch of an Bengal Tiger. In the late 19th century, the tiger became a popular symbol with games. Through our Faro Card Game app, you’ll be able to lose you in an unforgettable card gaming experience, and play for many hours of enjoyment!

The rules in this variant of the Faro game of cards are very similar to those of the original. The layout of betting is the deck of Spade cards, ranging from Ace to King. Bettors would wager on the cards they prefer or a combination of cards. Dealers would then reveal the cards in pairs, and winning and losing card. The dealer will take the money or pay according to which one you lost or won. Wild West Faro allows you to make a variety of bets, including betting on the high Card as well as a parlay or a single bet or multiple bets placed on various cards in order to bet on winning or losing, placing bets on cards or a card that is losing, it is referred to as a coppering bet. It is possible to place any number of bets you’d like before putting them on the table, placing bets from one to $1 million to try to make a profit by getting all the Dealers cash!

Wild West Faro is one of the most enjoyable cards you can ever experience! The Faro game comes with high-quality HD graphics, engaging music and sound effects, as well as easy to use touchscreen controls. The Faro cards are stylish, their overall style gives you the feeling of being returning to The Old West, playing with actual adversaries! The game comes with a variety of cards and an extra joker card, which includes detailed game statistics as well.

– Fantastic design & fun sounds
– Classic Faro card game
– Addictive & challenging gameplay
– Easy-to-use
Statistics from games
– Bonus joker cards
Bet on the 1, 2 or 3 cards at once
– Betting on the High Card
– Parlay a bet
The act of betting on a card or playing cards in order to bet on winning
Bet on cards or playing cards that you lose, through coppering the bet
You can place any bets that you want prior to trading
– – Calling the final turn
Cheating: changing the deal box. Dealer found in a shady deal
Cheating: The players are able to cheat by shifting their bet or changing a bet into a copper
– Cheating on or off choice
You can bet from $1 to $1 million
Make it a success to break the bank, by winning the entire Dealer’s cash!
– Bar the bet
– Make sure to clear all bets/renew the bet

Ideal for big screens on tablets and mobile phones.


Take a seat at an Faro table to play some of the more loved game of cards that is played across all of the Old West on your mobile smartphone or tablet wherever you go, whenever you’d like!

Get Wild West Faro today and take a spin on this classic game!


How to install Wild West Faro

1. Open App Store.
2. Search “Wild West Faro”.
3. Select App.
4. Tap “Install”.
5. Open App.
6. Enjoy playing!

Wild West Faro Full Version Free Download



Wild West Faro Full Version Free Download
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