Are you looking for a way to get an edge, or just a new approach to playing? Our tutorial on Crusader Kings 3 Console Commands and cheats includes a wide range of ways to boost the game. If you’re just a beginner in need of some help, or seeking to escape the chaos inherent in the game these tips can immediately increase your stature up to that of the Byzantine Emperor. This gives players complete control over their playing world of CK3.

There are a myriad of cheats, console commands, and useful modes for debugging within Crusader Kings 3 (CK3) The game provides a variety of options for customizing and controlling. To fully utilize these capabilities, including mysteriously removing the AI from the game’s titles, you need to understand the best way to use the console commands window. This tutorial will guide you through the procedure improving your gaming experience, and giving you more control over the realm of digital.

If you’ve played previous Clausewitz engine-based games like Imperator: Rome, accessing the console within Crusader Kings 3 should be an easy process. When playing on Steam the game will be required to right-click the game’s icon in the library, then select Properties after which you can add the word “debug” within the Launch Options area of the dialogue box. Alternately, for Windows players, establishing the shortcut by right-clicking then choosing Properties then appending the word “debug” to the field within the Target field will yield similar results.”

If you’ve completed the procedures, the console of CK3 should be available with the press of the key that is the tilde (>) key.

Before we get into our extensive listing of console commands for CK3 and cheats, it’s worthwhile noting the extra options offered in the game’s debug modes which can be accessed by just pressing a button.

Just under the console are a variety of buttons that can be used which include those to activate or disable AI, Yesmen (ensuring AI responds positively or affirmatively) as well as the instant demise of a character. Additionally, buttons that allow for instant the piety of a person, their prestige, and any losses or gains in gold can be found.

When the console is activated when you right-click a character’s name on the map displays various Debug interaction options making it easier to manipulate

characters significantly. Below is an extensive description of what you could perform:

Quick Imprison
I hate you.
Love me to death
Take Title and Vassals
Include it in the court
Inform the court of your secrets
Create Secrets across the entire Realm
Add Weak Hook
Add Strong Hook
Add Character Weight
Remove Character Weight
Do as I do
Do not like me
Make Lover
Make Rival
Make Friend
Learn Secrets
Reveal the Secrets you know about
Take Title
Get Claim
The launch of the Natural Crusade
Start the Great Holy War
If the interactions don’t work for you or you’d like to tweak them You’ll find the entire listing of Crusader Kings 3 console commands and cheats which could be beneficial:

tutorial. enable [gamestate/global/all (default: global)] – Enable the tutorial
. disable [gamestate/global/all (default: global)] – Disable the tutorial
. debug window The tutorial window is displayed. debug window
Event [eventid] [character] – trigger an event that occurs for the person
debug_event[eventid] [character] triggers an event to the character. The program will print out the trigger for the event, but this could result in errors that are falsely positive.
test_event[eventid] [charactertest_event [eventid] – Determine whether an event could be triggered by a particular character. It also prints an event trigger on the console. This could cause incorrect positive error logs.
discover_innovation(add_innovation) [innovation] [character (optional)] – Discover an innovation for a character’s culture
discover_fascination(add_fascination) [character (optional)] – Discover the innovation that is the current fascination for a character’s culture
join_era(unlock_era) [era][character (optional)join an time period (and the prior ones)
Discover_era [era (optional and defaults to the current time) [character (optional)• Discover the most innovative inventions of a specific period (and the period itself)
Discover all eras with [character (optional)- – Discover all the eras and innovations
set_faith [faith] character (optional)is a method to set the character’s faith
dynasty_prestige[amount (optional number, default 1000)* Dynasty ID (optional and default is player dynasty)This adds an appearance to the given dynasty
gain_all_dynasty_perks [character (optional)] – Gives a dynasty (currently played character’s dynasty by default) all perks
log_missing_game_concept_loc – Logs all game concepts that have not had their loc key defined
kill(die)”character” (optional)kill an individual (currently used as a default character)
gain all perks for the character (optional)gain_all_perks – Grants an individual (currently being played by default) every perk
add_perk [perk] [character(optional)[- Gives a character (currently played character by default) a specific perk
instant_birth: Toggles whether children are born immediately or otherwise
AI.declare_war [character(optional)] – Causes the AI to declare war (according to normal weighting), bypassing all pacing checks and the like
Create_cadet_coa for [character (optional)• Generate the CoA for this person as if they were a member of a cadet dynasty.
add_doctrine [doctrineadd_doctrine [doctrine [faith(optional)adds the doctrine of an existing faith
Remove_doctrine (doctrine) [faith(optional)[faith(optional)] – Removing any given doctrine from belief
add_realm_law [law] [character(optional)] – Adds a realm law
add_realm_law_skip_effects [law] [character(optional)] – Adds a realm law, skips the cost and the pass effect, and the revoke effects of the current law
set_culture [culture] [character(optional)] – Sets the culture of a character
Change_Fervor [amount(optional)change_fervor [amount (optional)] [faith(optional)[faith(optional)] – Alters the faith’s fervor
add_secret [type] [target(optional)] [character(optional)] – Gives a character (currently played character by default) a specific secret
change_development_level [amount] [province_id(optional)] – Changes the development level of a county, defaults to capital
faction_spawn [faction_type]: Creates one of the faction’s specified kind
faction_discontent [faction_type][discontent_valuesets the discontent value of the faction that is the primary that is of the specific type
faction_demand [faction_type]: The first faction of the type makes its request
dump_pool_stats – Dump statistics about the pool to ‘logs/pool_stats.csv’
dump_character_creation_stats – Dump statistics about the pool to ‘logs/character_creation_stats.csv’
fast_tick – Faster ticking (lower frame rate)
instamove(quick move) units are moved daily in one region
supress_messages – Toggle if all messages (toasts/notifications) should be suppressed
force_save_compression – Toggle if saves should be compressed
dump_bookmark_portraits – Writes portrait data for all bookmark characters at the current date
print_ai_timings is a way to profile information regarding the ai
Portrait.ClearCache Clears the portrait cache. Refreshes all portraits.
portrait_editor(pe) • Open the editor for portraits
Spawningentity [entity name] (optional) (optional)(optional)] – Creates a the specified entity in cursor location
clearspawnedentities: Clears entities that have been which were created using the spawn entity command
MapObjects.GenerateGameLocators [type] ]filename (optional)] – Generates locators for the game’s map objects
MapObjects.Debug Prints out the Map object debug info
Camera. Debug – Prints the camera’s debug info
Camera. Save the Position of the Camera
Camera.Load – Load camera position
Map.SavePNG [map mode[file name] If yes, it should render flat (optional)[Save an image file of the map using the color mode of your choice.
Adjacencies. Rebuild Build all adjacencies
Line name spawning position of ‘x’, ‘y’, (no spaces)[end position x,y,z (no spaces)[spawns the specified line between two places
clear lines – Clear lines
SplineNetwork.GenerateAssets – Undefined
shader_debug Undefined
Compound Node Editor – Compound Node Editor
particle editor Particle Editor
script_docs(script_documentation) – Prints script documentation
settings – Spawns a settings GUI
screenshot – Take a screenshot
tweak – Embraces the GUI of a tweaker
texture viewer Texture Viewer
texture list Texture List
tools. skins Skin Editor
3dstats – Toggles 3D Stats
audio.list_events – List audio event
audio.play_event [Audio event] – Play audio event
audio.cpu_info shows current CPU utilization
sync – Toggle main swap chains vsync
gfx.reload texture Reload textures
render type – Describes which render backend is in use
Threading.TaskThreadCount [The number of task threads] – Set or get the number of task threads
CrashReporter.SimulateCrash – Simulates a crash (resulting in the game exiting).
CrashReporter.DeleteCrashData – Delete local crash dumps older than X days.
gfx. skin – Select active gfx skin
Dockables.Create [Dockable name] – Create dockable
Dockables.CreateLayout [Dockable layout name] – Create a dockable layout
gui_editor – Spawns GUI editor
DumpDataTypes: Dumps type of data that is registered
map_editor – Toggle map editor
Music.StopTrack stops the current playing track
Music. Weight shows or displays the weight that is currently in the music system
Music.PlayTrack [track’s name] Plays the track of your choice
Music. Reset Resets the music system.
Debug.Achievements.ResetAll – Locks all achievements again
Explorer – Displays an object-explorer window
add_lifestyle_xp_all [amount(optional)] [character(optional)] – Adds xp all lifestyle
add_diplomacy_lifestyle_xp [amount(optional)] [character(optional)] – Adds xp to the given lifestyle
add_martial_lifestyle_xp [amount(optional)] [character(optional)] – Adds xp to the given lifestyle
add_stewardship_lifestyle_xp [amount(optional)] [character(optional)] – Adds xp to the given lifestyle
add_intrigue_lifestyle_xp [amount(optional)] [character(optional)] – Adds xp to the given lifestyle
add_learning_lifestyle_xp [amount(optional)[ [character(optional)] – Adds xp to the given lifestyle
switch language [language name] Reload localization and switching to the new language
Reload file names Reload assets
Time – What is it?
minidump [file path] – Creates a minidump
crash. Cause the application to crash – Cause the application to
debug_mode – Toggles debug mode
release_mode – Toggling the release mode
GUI.CreateWidget(gui_test,test_gui) [File name] [Widget name] – Create a dummy widget. With 0 arguments the file name will be gui/debug/test_gui.gui, and the widget name will be test_window
GUI.ClearWidgets Clear Dummy Widget
Helplog – Print out the console’s commands in a game.log file.
Help [command name] – Print every console command or particular command’s description.
Helpline helps Double Rainbow assist.
Version – Prints version of the game to consoles and it also prints the gaming log.
tick_day [numbers of days] Ticks any ofseveralf days
Statistics logs statistics
load [filename] load game states from savegame the disk
test_save – Save and persistence of load
save file name – saves the current game state on the disk
recalculate_modifiers [] – Recalculates modifiers
effect [] – Execute effect
run [] – Execute effect file in /run
trigger [] – Test trigger script
chat [Message]: Send chat messages
play [Character ID] Change the character played
observe(ob) observe the game
hello [Character ID] – Show a character
hello_history (Scripted history Character ID] – Display the character of history
Show_title[Title Tag] show an appropriate title
search_title[Title] Locate the title
Select_province [Province ID] Choose a province
change_culture [province ID] [culturechange_culture – The changing culture of an entire county
merge_culture [from culture] cultural] – Combine all the countries belonging to one culture to create a new culture
gold(cash, dough) (cash, dough) Add gold
add_piety(piety) [Amount] – Add piety
add_prestige(prestige) [Amount] – Add prestige
give_title(gt) [Title][CharacterID (optional for the player, in default)[Give titles to the given character
add_claim(ac) (optional) [character ID (optional and the character will be the default)Title] This gives the character claims on the title
Age() [Age][Character ID] Age is added to current age
historical_id(hist) (Character ID) – Displays the historic id for the character
add_trait(at) [TraitCharacter ID (optional that applies to the characters otherwise)adds traits to characters
set_sexuality [sexuality] (Character ID) (optional that applies to the characters of the player)The set_sexuality parameter sets the sexuality of an individual character
secret_info(si) Character ID (optional)[character ID (optional)] – Displays the entire information about secret information about the character associated with
remove_trait(rt) [TraitCharacter ID (optional that applies to characters of the player)Removes the traits from characters.
pregnancy(child_birth, impregnate) [mother id] [father id (0 or empty for no father)] [instant birth (yes/no)] – Make a character pregnant
Redraw_coa – Redraw coats of arms
yesmen(yesman,debug_yesmen,ym) – AI will always say yes to everything within a day
women(noman,debug_nomen, nm) – AI will always say no to everything within a day
watch(ww) allows the watch to run in windows
Aiwatch – Enables ai Watch windows
ai_war_coordinator_watch – Enables AI war coordinator to watch the window
loading_screen(ls) stays until the next screen to load
Error – Display errors in the log
test_message [type] [char_id/title_key/goto province_id] – Test sending a message
game log – Display game log
know_schemes: Discovers all methods that which are aimed at the player
ends all schemes – Stops all plans that with a focus on the player
scripted_tests with pattern (optional)scripted tests – Execute scripted tests
force_oos – Force OoS
event_queue – Print event queue debug
event_counts – Print event debug counts
“spawn_combat_army” [Scenario] (combat side] – Sprawls on the attacking or defending faction in a conflict scenario
combat [scenario] – Test a scripted combat scenario
combat_test [scenario] [iterations] – Test a scripted combat scenario
Charinfo – Changes the display of information on the character’s debugging.
print_randomlog Prints the most present randomlog.
oos_dump – Dumps OOS info.
output_terrain: Outputs terrain for the province file.
tick_development [Number ticks] – Check the spread of development in X ticks
players. Players – Lists all players on the server
kick (Player’s name) – Kicks the player who has the given name.
add_relation [relation name]] [char02] – Creates an unscripted relationship
remove_relation [relation’s name]] [char02] – Eliminates an unscripted relationship
add_stress [stress] (character ID (optional)(optional)) – Add the value of stress
simulate_child_skills [age] [character id (optional)] [iterations] – Zeroes all base skills and simulate growth to a specific age of character (will change age)
set_stress [stress][character id (optional)change the stress value to that of
add_dread [dread] (character ID) (optional)* The value is added to the existing dread
set_dread [dread] (optional) [character ID (optional)change the dread value to that of
Set_focus [focus] Character set_focus [Focus] – Focus on the character
add_maa [MAA type]* [banner_index] an army regiment for men to the character
clear(clr) – Clear console.
recalculate_succession [Character ID] – Recalculates the succession of a character
AI. Enable [Character ID] Allows AI to be applied to the character
AI. Disable (Character ID) disables AI for an individual character
set_diplomacy [value] (character (optional)sets the diplomacy of an individual character
set_martial [value] character (optional)set_martial [value] – Determines the martial value of a character
set_stewardship [value] character (optional)set_stewardship [value] [character (optional)] – Sets the character’s stewardship
set_intrigue [value] character (optional)set_intrigue [value] – Sets the level of intrigue a character has.
set_learning [value] (character (optional)set_learning [value] – Determines the level of learning of an individual character
set_prowess[value] [character (optional)set_prowess [value] – Determines the level of prowess of characters.
change_diplomacy [value] (character (optional)change_diplomacy [value] – Modifies the character’s diplomacy
change_martial[value] [character (optional)change_martial [value] – Modifies the martial character of a character.
change_stewardship [value] (character (optional)change_stewardship [value] [character (optional) the stewardship status of a character
change_intrigue [value] (character (optional)alters the interest of a character
change_learning [value] character (optional)* – Alters the character’s learning
change_prowess [value] character (optional)alters the power of a character
clear_traits character (optional)clear_traits [character (optional)] – removes any traits that characterize the character
clear_character_modifiers [character (optional)] – Removes all the modifiers of a character
set_nick(set_nickname) [nick_key] [character (optional)] – Sets the specified nickname to a character
remove_nick(remove_nickname) [character (optional)] – Removes the nickname of a character
a timer that prints out the debug information about the timing
timer_start – Starts debug timing
Timer Restart – Starts (resets and begins) to debug timing
timer_reset resets the debug timing
timer_stop – Stops debug timing
timer_dump – Dumps debug timing info
Ct – Inserts timer information on the clipboard
unstable(quick build) – Players build things instantly
verify_ai_path: Verify the path of an AI unit’s route
Thanks to the Crusader Kings 3 Console commands, cheats and more, now fully included, make sure to check our blog posts about the game’s beginning and ending dates as well as its maps.

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