Elden Ring DLC Made Playable Via PlayStation Screw-Up

Elden Ring DLC Made Playable Via PlayStation Screw-Up

Elden Ring DLC Made Playable Via PlayStation Screw-Up

Elden Ring DLC Made Playable Via PlayStation Screw-Up

Sony has leaked accidentally all in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree This has made the DLC available earlier than it would be. It’s true that players can keep themselves safe from the spoilers by not visiting certain websites however it’s evident that Sony has leaked major details.

The leaks from the DLC were discovered in the subreddits for the game, and people discussing the aftermath via social media. As for how it occurred, Paul Tassi of Forbes posted on Twitter that the cloud streaming service of Sony somehow allowed the release of the DLC earlier. This will be a huge loss for Sony and we’re guessing that the FromSoftware developers aren’t thrilled by this change.

The DLC for Elden Ring was scheduled to be released on the 21st of June and we believe it will release an update to prevent access to the content in the near future. It is likely that thousands of gamers will be disappointed with this leak, and illustrates how the cloud service of Sony is prone to major issues that need fixing.

This isn’t just FromSoftware’s DLC which was launched early. Destiny 2: The Final Form was launched in full. In light of how long the expansion had been in the making it’s hard to imagine what Bungie’s developers Bungie think about it.

It could have an enormous influence on the popularity of the games as players are now able to spoil the Elden Ring DLC for themselves. Naturally, those who are devoted players will be avoiding these spoilers as much as they can however, those who are interested in the DLC will now be able to see all the content. This could be a huge setback for Sony and especially considering that Sony’s State of Play will be in the near future.

Patients can play the entire content at a later date, when the excitement will be controlled by both the developers and the players. But, it’s clear that some excitement is now gone for the fans. We’re yet sure which Sony’s State of Play can recover from this.

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree will launch on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, as well as PC starting on June 21. Elden Ring is readily available across all these consoles.

Elden Ring DLC Made Playable Via PlayStation Screw-Up
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