Stellar Blade Sales Are Good and Bad

Stellar Blade Sales Are Good and Bad

Stellar Blade Sales Are Good and Bad

Stellar Blade Sales Are Good and Bad

Stellar Blade has proven to be a major sale success for both the SHIFT UP and PlayStation However, it’s still not quite the huge milestone it might be. Though this game isn’t a complete failure however, it’s not quite the significant gaming debut Sony was hoping for.

Mat Piscatella, Director of Circana’s executive, says that the PS5 game was the second most-seller game for the month of April, since Prototype 2 came out 12 years back. Piscatella acknowledges that the result isn’t a bad thing, and it’s still the most popular game in April, however this isn’t the juggernaut of sales Sony had hoped for.

Action games with characters like Stellar Blade haven’t sold well over the past few years, so its position as number one in April is remarkable. In fact, it is a sign that players will give the latest IP an opportunity when the idea is intriguing enough. It’s also interesting that the game has plenty of sexual attraction surely contributed to.

It’s not the only one. Stellar Blade topped last month’s Top 20 sales list, since the game from Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII Rebirth did not even scratch the surface of those charts. The majority of fans were stunned by this because Rebirth has a major advancement over Remake with regard to gameplay even though it’s stuck to the PS5. Remake had a huge selling success on the PS4 and the PS4’s players aren’t completely migrated over to PS5 at this point.

Developer SHIFT Up is still continuing to offer free content for players of the game, offering different outfits as well as the New Game Plus. SHIFT UP has also been thinking about porting the game to PC in the same way that more gamers are becoming interested in gaming consoles in the last several years. If they decide to make the move to PC the fans should expect an array of jaw-dropping modifications that will not have to be a risk for working.

Stellar Blade is readily available to play on PS5 and could be coming to PC in the near future or even years. The only thing to know is if Stellar Blade will be re-released but it’s likely to be better when it’s an all-platform game.

Stellar Blade Sales Are Good and Bad
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