The 2024 version of Alone in the Dark is an innovative reimagining of the story, weaving a fresh narrative with elements that go to the original 1992. We called it a “flawed reimagining that almost gets it right” in our review.

“This time, we are bringing you photo mode, a new game plus, a plethora of bug fixes (including that pesky attic black screen and the Nobody Knows What Happened achievement), as well as additional QOL fixes,” explained Lanani THQ Nordic’s Community administrator on Discord.

“We hope you will enjoy this patch and thank you for your continued support!”

In a financial report for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2024, Embracer stated that Alone in the Dark had a “softer-than-expected performance” and “performed below management expectations.”

Below is the complete listing of patches’ notes:

New Features:

Added Photo Mode.
The game has been updated with “New Game +” available following the completion of the campaign.
Begin the game without unlocking all the weapons
Balance completely overhauled, with stronger than just tougher opponents
A few additional events from the game, as well as frightening moments
Neue, alternative intro


Critical Bugs Fixed:

Black screen fixed when solving attic puzzles after saving the save created in the attic.
Corrected the bug that caused achievement “Nobody knows what happened”.
Numerous fixes were made to possible crashes and bugs to audio problems.
The missing keychain was fixed in French Quarter 1 after Save/Load.
Fixed issues to prevent potential soft locks
Door leading From Spiral Staircase, then Grand Parlor to avoid soft locks during the transition into Taroella
Make sure that the parlor conservatory door is locked in Chapter 4.
Corrected an issue in which the door that connects the Grand Parlor and Spiral Stairs was locked during Chapter 4.
Fixing save issues for boiler valve
Corrected an issue in which the camera in Ruth’s room wasn’t playable while playing the role of Emily and preventing players from continuing to War photo
Corrected an issue in which the autosave was loaded in chapter 4 causing the player to perish from key items (contract as well as dagger)
Resolved more than 90 collisions that can cause players to become stuck in different environments
Quality of Life Features:

The save slot was expanded to two in the final autosaves.
A tutorial pop-up was added to allow for an examination of.
A contextual dodge instruction has been added in case you’ve been fighting but haven’t avoided it for long.
The tutorial for Melee will also show if the player is engaged in battle when picking the weapon.
We have added new icons for bricks, Molotov, and throwable possibilities.
The camera keyboard has been added to the menu of rebinding that allows rebinding of the arrow keys.
Divide the map tutorial and lagniappe messages into different strings to make them more suitable for the display.
Enhancements to combat:

Corrected incorrect hit reactions in Steamboat Creature on some occasions.
The updated Cemetery Creature to better respond to the damage it has that is received.
Dismemberment is disabled for dead beasts. This is now only activated upon the death strike.
Changed Emily’s combat animations so that she can lend into her animations sooner (eg, getting player input control back much sooner).
Cut and speeded up the majority of Emily’s hits to make them feel more precise and more responsive.
The user is unable to swap weapons when suicide (Dark Man).
Changed Edward’s reactions to hard hits for the player to return control of his input earlier (smaller probability of losing control).
Improvements to Edward’s melee swings to strike so that they can strike enemies with more consistency.
The timer for combat exits has been reduced so that the music is not playing for too long after the combat has ended.
Other game enhancements:

Talisman: Increased the length of time a player has to see the talisman after working on a puzzle. the three images.
New Talisman pick-up animations, and sequences for Edward as well as Emily.
The bark was added to remove the cat’s mummified lagnappe.
The barks were added/modified within Chapter 2 Derceto (pickups and puzzles).
Sound added when trying to get the highest stack items.
The enemies removed have not been killed during the fight in the warehouse when we get to the room for show and then load a save.
Make sure that the warehouse event is not restarted after loading a save.
Boiler Valve puzzle: Make sure that players aren’t interfering with the piece of the puzzle while taking any damage from the steam.
The fog was added and the bypass to prevent returning into the sewers of Gallatin Street.
Bark was added to Cassandra’s crime scene, which is located in the basement of the spiral staircase.
Changed the player character’s “Awe” Reaction (used upon the entry into the convent library).
The program also included various examples of feedback from the force on controllers:
A new feedback mechanism for proximity forces has been added to the active Dark Man
Force feedback is added when landing on the ground following falling down
A small force feedback was added to the player’s death
The force feedback was added to game-related events (Steamboat storm the cemetery, dead clerks in Derceto, the crypt flicker anomaly, temple collapse)
The grapple has received feedback from the force.
Force feedback added to unlock doors by key
The force feedback was added to unlocking doors.
Additional force feedback is provided for those trying to interface with a permanently bolted or locked door
A small force feedback was added to the system in the event of taking in consumables
The force feedback was added for walking through maggot piles
The force feedback was added to tackle doors to open single or double doors.
The force feedback was added to the resistance walking
The save function was added to the “Jack in the box” Lagniappe feature to make sure the box can only be picked up once.
A new plank walkway was added to the Gallatin Street dock.
In this way, the player can trigger Edward’s secret ending from chapter 4.
The bark was removed after climbing the incline to the crypt, following a dispute in the cemetery.
Minor audio enhancements to cutscenes.
A Non-diegetic “boom” sound when an adversary is dismembered.
Visual Improvements:

The size of the objectives has been updated in the menu.
Improvements, tweaks, and adjustments to the level of visual guidelines.
Improvements and tweaks to level lighting.
Add LODs for Edwards Ghost models.
Updated animations for various characters (Combat, Gun Handling, people reaching out for rails).
A better HUD for interaction.
Many modernized textures.
Updated various meshes and user interface elements of various crucial objects (Sitting Room Key, Stevedore’s Key, Kitchen Garden Key Edward’s Desk Key, Jetty Key).
New UI updated for Batistes Keychain to only feature three keys.
Modified and added keys to both of the Johnny the Conqueror cutscenes to correspond with the number of keys available.
A decrease in the intensity of frost on the lens.
The car was given a dust trail during the intro cutscene.
The lighting was polished in the final boss as well added additional animations.
Improvements in mirror reflections.
edited the joints of her jacket as Emily sneaked videos to correct much of the clipping that occurs between her jacket and skirt.
Removing some of the missed body dismemberment consequences.
The set dressing has been updated to improve the visibility of the courtyard of Voodoo within French Quarter 1.
The update also added a small set of vines on the outside of the Voodoo’s drugstore located in French Quarter 1.
The water drop shader updated and improved many aspects of the game that have water effects to accommodate the changes.
The Emily banter animations have been updated. Emily banter animations to address the sync problem between animation and the sound.
Add blood splatter decals to the creature that crushes rocks in the Temple Escape sequence.
Fix the issue with Edward’s hair becoming completely invisible when you are in a distance.
The cloth is less likely to flicker during windy weather.
Enhanced quality in the visual of the 8-bit filter.
The Power of the Verb UI has been updated. Interface to match better with description.
Correction for the character of the player who has an effect of frost on clothes while facing Dark Man. Dark Man.

Better lighting in different cutscenes Enhancing the performance.
The cemetery has added a preload component corridor to decrease the pop-in of texture.
A few small visual adjustments and enhancements (reflections and lighting).
Many bug fixes to art assets to improve general performance.
Removal of preloading Arctic levels to lessen the stutter and delay in the final Gray’s Apt sequence.
Fmod events are simplified for speed enhancements.
Steam Deck

Set default video settings designed for Steam Deck. Steam Deck.
Steam Deck Support for UI.
Steam Deck icons are resized.
Steam Deck Controller icons added.
The keybinding feature was hidden in Steam Deck.
Balancing * Boosted the health of enemy players in hard difficulty, and also took away consumables. It also increased the health of steamboat creatures. The new checkpoint was added in French Quarter 3 just before the flooding section. * Add destructible weapons to French Quarter 3 to the flooded zone. • Updated pickup for weapons within Cryptflicker Anomaly. The drop location for weapons has been added in Dead Clerk Anomaly. There is a greater chance of loot being spawned, eliminating the risk of an empty container. The healing flasks have been modified to alter their healing rate depending on the level of difficulty. Add melee weapon pick-ups as well as dropspots to Derceto. * OilyRoom anomaly: added melee weapons. The game has added the ability to use flare guns for dynamic pickups. * The ability to spawn consumables when containers are empty is now taking the difficulty currently in calculating the health flask’s spawn rate. • Moved the pickups in Chapter 5 away from boss fight gameplay and into normal gameplay

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