Total War: Warhammer 3’s plan of action was announced in the aftermath of the game’s last entry, which was slower than previous entries. While some of the features, such as the map that combined Immortal Empires and blood DLC were delayed in their arrival but we’ve now got more information about what’s to come from the coming years.

The initial stop in Total War: Warhammer III’s timeline is set for late the month of May 2022, after Patch 1.2 went live. It addresses a wide variety of problems that gamers have noticed since the its launch.

This included AI’s building towers too fast and flying units getting stuck while trying to the ground, and snow becoming too glowing, and players becoming stuck in the Slaanesh’s realm.

The other features planned for patches 1.2 was auto-resolve improvement that slowed the feature’s scale and changed the difficulty scale to be based on the difficulty of the battle you choose to play. Reactivity improvements for units – described by the creator as being a “long-term project” and was implemented in tandem with the reworking of technology trees as well as a leaderboard reset and the introduction of brand new Regiments of Renown.

The more powerful versions of the existing units have been previously included in DLCs, but they’ll remain the same, Warhammer III’s “first few updates” included no-cost Regiment of Renown units for every one of its main races.

Q3 2022
Q3 2022 was a more busy period according to Total War: Warhammer III’s plan of action.

Update 1.3 promised improvements to Grand Cathay’s ability to attack in formation, making the group more effective in frontal confrontations.

The skill tree was reworked and Tzeentch and Slaanesh received their refill rate modified.

A further goal of the project was to boost the number of battles in the field, and more improvements in the unit’s combatant interaction and responsiveness were planned as well.

Perhaps the most memorable aspect of Total War: Warhammer III’s Q3-2022’s roadmap is patch 2.0 that was released when you could download the Immortal Empires combined map, which was scheduled for launch in August was released as part of a fully open beta, accessible to every platform.

The initial stage of development the team concentrated in “balance, map, races, and other areas where we can continue to make adjustments based on player feedback.”

Update 2.0 included a desperately needed overhaul to The Warriors of Chaos faction alongside the controversial Blood to the Blood God DLC.

Q3 also coincided with the time Warhammer III’s very first Lord Pack was set to begin which would expand the roster with four brand new characters.

It was announced that the Total War Assembly Kit was set to be released in a Q3 release, giving the community the resources it required to keep creating amazing modifications. The launch came with the patch 2.1, which was slighty delayed by a few days from its original Q4 launch date.

When 2022 was coming to an end, more material was scheduled for Total War: Warhammer III’s road map.

The patch 2.2 brought a new version of the game’s features based upon feedback from players after the start of the campaign Immortal Empires.

With a goal of an date of October 18, the game made adjustments to lower the number of battles for settlement as well as a brand-new endgame crisis and rebalanced character experience as well as the introduction of new Regiments of Renown, and other things.

Patch 2.3 was the final patch that the game got in 2022. The patch focused on fixing bugs and balance adjustments that did not appear with patch 2.2 together with others, including the landmarks and settlements with 10 slots for Immortal Empires.

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