Spoiler Warning: A Major WandaVision Leak Might Be Out On Social Media
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Spoiler Warning: A Major WandaVision Leak Might Be Out On Social Media

This report includes possible spoilers for WandaVision.

It is rare for something to escape from this Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even its own tentpole celebrities, especially Tom Holland, Have noticed previously that Marvel Studios’ data discipline is locked down tight, for example, usage of next-level approaches like arbitrary scripts. The majority of the time, whatever escapes from the MCU are inclined to be poorly tagged fan speculation or extrapolation out of Marvel’s comic history.

However, an Exception might have kicked over the weekend since there’s a brief clip circulating via social media that appears to demonstrate a considerable spoiler for upcoming episodes of the hit Disney Plus series WandaVision. If it is real, it would be another illustration of interconnected film universes from the MCU’s Stage 4 to proceed beside Jamie Foxx’s Electro’s discussion from the next Spider-Man film. Spoilers below:

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The clip in question, which is just about 30 minutes, seems as though it may be a part of a brief trailer, very similar to that the”mid-season trailer” that fell late on Sunday night. It teases the occasions of this well-publicized”Halloween episode” of WandaVision, Which includes series leads Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany dressed in the Scarlet Witch and Vision’s classic comics. It might very well be an imitation, albeit one which somebody clearly put a great deal of work into.

The significant spoiler here is that the abrupt look of Evan Peters. It was declared last year which Peters, who played the role of Quicksilver at Fox’s X-Men movie franchise, was showing in an uncanny capacity in WandaVision. This was a given from the beginning, and it has raised some eyebrows since. After all, at the MCU, Quicksilver was dead because of Avengers: Age of Ultron, in which he had been played with Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Tenet).

It is not immediately obvious what job Peters performs WandaVision, even at the leaked clip. He has revealed telling Wanda that there is no method her husband may”die twice,” and obviously, which gets Wanda to burst him to the surprise of her suddenly-preteen son Billy.

This may only be a Casting gag, obviously. Quicksilver has a very long history of becoming a complete douchebag, so this kind of thing is completely on-brand for its comic books, Ultimate, MCU, and Fox variations of this personality. Nonetheless, there’s nothing in the clip to signify that Peters is playing with any edition of Pietro Maximoff. In reality, it’s likely that with no particular clip, the projecting gag itself may have been low-key sufficient to count as a different low-key shout-out, as WandaVision is superbly packed fat with nods to the comic books’ goodwill.

The clip also features a tense standoff involving SWORD representatives and Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris), Since they argue about what to do with what is now apparently called the “Westview anomaly.” Monica asserts here that should Wanda’s the Issue, She has also got to be the answer.

Spoiler Warning: A Major WandaVision Leak Might Be Out On Social Media
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