xQc Wants Twitch Viewers to Donate to Smaller Streamers

xQc Wants Twitch Viewers to Donate to Smaller Streamers

Twitch streamer xQc is back in the news. After recently taking to Twitter using a comment on C9 Ziqo’s current 7-day suspension, The opinionated French-Canadian streamer is creating headlines for a fantastic cause. While xQc frequently finds himself in the center of something contentious, in this instance, he’s reaching out to his own followers with some guidance about what to do with contributions and subscriptions usually delivered his way.

In 2020, xQc became among their most viewed streamers, sitting beneath lots of lists along with additional giants of the flowing world such as Pokimane and Valkyrie. This explosion in popularity puts xQc in the spotlight, and with that comes increased scrutiny over his antics. Despite frequently crossing the line on or in-game Twitter, he’s effective at showing his side.

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On a current Twitch Flow, xQc began discussing why individuals should subscribe or donate to their station and whether it’s really worthwhile. Telling his supporters that they should ensure they’re subscribed just for the hell of it, not because they receive any value from his articles, then they ought to spend their money elsewhere. He proceeds to point out there are many little streamers on the market in which a few subs can make a difference. While Twitch frequently gets bogged down in petty feuds, occasionally pleasant things happen, such as when streamer CouRage is given $5,000 to ten streamers performing charity flows over the vacations.

xQc Wants Twitch Viewers to Donate to Smaller Streamers

The push for Positivity from xQc appears somewhat out of character since the often brash streamer is famous for stirring up trouble, such as he did last month about the Offline TV Rust server. When quite a few streamers picked up Rust, xQc was creating enemies every day on the host with accusations of flow sniping along with an aggressive style of play that set off most of those participants.

After taking despair for his play at Rust’s PvP surroundings, XQc revealed he could play fine once the game changed to more role-playing components. The streamer played the lawyer’s role to some fellow streamer at a court case about the Offline TV server, demonstrating that he does not always need to be starting trouble.

Twitch is an Odd location where toxicity could infect a station and disperse throughout. It’s also a place where very great things could happen, such as the Awesome Games Done Quick speedrun occasion for charity, or if streamer Lilypichu gave presents to enthusiasts to promote more tranquility 2021. With xQc, occasionally, even people who appear to adopt the villain function reveal they are human after all.

xQc Wants Twitch Viewers to Donate to Smaller Streamers
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