Blood Bowl 3 Gets Violent New Trailer
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Blood Bowl 3 Gets Violent New Trailer

Blood Bowl 3 Gets Violent New Trailer

Much of America tuned into Super Bowl 55 on Sunday to See the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeat the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9, netting Tom Brady his seventh Super Bowl ring. But as many people probably watched the match because of its advertisements, such as a Reddit advertisement motivated by GameStop’s current events. Now, programmer Cyanide Studio and writer Nacon released a brand new trailer for Blood Bowl 3 to capitalize on the industrial trend.

Blood Bowl is a spin-off of Warhammer, including mythological races such as dwarves and ogres involved in fantasy football games as a sort of gory take on EA’s Madden franchise. The trailer launched by Cyanide Studio today depicts a kind of Super Bowl ad place inside the game’s world for Bugman’s Beer.

The movie discovers the opposing group surrounds a Single dwarf following all of his teammates are left unconscious or deceased. Still, he discovers the power to push when provided a mug of “Probably the best beer from the Old World.” After being postponed this past year, Blood Bowl 3 declared a closed beta arriving sometime in 2021. This Bugman’s Beer preview doesn’t offer you any information relating to this beta, but it will allow fans to know they could Wishlist the match on Steam.

Steam now lists Blood Bowl 3. As with an August 2021 launch date; enthusiasts will need to wait and see if this holds. Meanwhile, Cyanide Studio’s lead storyline designer Pia Jacqmart also helped create the 2020 Cartoon launch ScourgeBringer, which might provide something to do before Blood Bowl 3.

Blood Bowl 3 Gets Violent New Trailer
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