Dying Light 2 “guarantees” 5 years of DLC after-launch

Dying Light 2 "guarantees" 5 years of DLC after-launch

Dying Light 2 “guarantees” 5 years of DLC after-launch

Dying light 2: Stay Human developer Techland is excited about its Action RPG zombie parkour sequel. The studio revealed that they plan to continue creating content for the game over five years.

Rage Against the Dying Light

You can be forgiven for feeling nervous looking down at a game that requires your attention for five years or more, shortly after it was revealed that Death Light 2 would supposedly offer over 500 hours of playtime at launch.

However, developers who plan to produce content within this timeframe should not be alarmed. Bungie, an industry giant, started with similar long term goals for destiny and turned the game’s poor launch into continued success. They also managed to produce a sequel, which proved that Dying light 2‘s half-decade plan could be successful. , the hugely successful launch of Final Fantasy 14 Endeavor has proven that a game can grow its player base exponentially in such a short time.

(Living) Dead on Arrival

However, not all games are as successful in this area. However, recent results have shown that story-focused live-service games with RPG components – which are intended to produce content for a long time – have performed significantly worse. This could indicate that Dying Light is in trouble. The success of Marvel’s Avengers was initially anticipated to be a blip on the MCU’s cinematic dominance. Square Enix may focus on this type of content, given the positive reaction to the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Another live service game from Bioware, Anthem, was designed for a long life span. It was eventually cancelled after a reboot was proposed. This was such a bad turn that developers of Dragon Age 4 had to clarify that the game would be single-player only. However, gamers favour experiences that are tailored to their short time. This is a problem for publishers trying to recover rising development costs by retaining long-term player engagement.

The darkness is a dying light.

Techland has set admirably high goals with Dying light 2. The game has held players’ attention for over a decade, even if the first 500 hours are only the tip of the zombie berg. Dying light two may be one of the greatest epics in its medium. It can fall short if the content is too scattered. It is possible to survive for five years without running or become a roof runner with an army of undead following.

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