Kirin Bow Genshin Impact Leaks

Kirin Bow Genshin Impact Leaks

Kirin Bow Genshin Impact Leaks

Bow_Kirin has updated its ascension materials to include Deathly Statuettes in 2.5 BETA. However, the release date is not known. There is no other information available about this weapon.

This Bow was first discovered in a massive data mine last year. It was one of many unannounced weapons. Since then, many of these weapons have been released, including Song of Broken Pines and Freedom Sworn. Kirin Bow, however, is not yet released.

Players might see this new weapon in future versions of the game, most likely before version 3.0, as Kirin Bow’s data was released in the latest beta.

Kirin Bow – Ganyu’s Canon Bow?

Many people have noticed that the bBowis strikingly similar to Ganyu in both name and appearance. Ganyu, also known as half-Qilin in Chinese, is the Chinese equivalent of the Japanese Kirin. This means that it is possible that the BBowwas designed to be Ganyu’s best slot- and canon weapon.

Amos’ BBow, however, does not support this. In-game cutscenes show Ganyu wielding Amos’ Bow. Amos’ Bow passive almost looks like it was made for Ganyu, emphasising Charged Attacks. It is unclear what role the Kirin Bow might play.

Kirin Bow Rarity Stats and Effects

There is currently no information on Kirin Bow’s status as a 5-star or 4-star star or what its actual purpose is. We know it exists, but that’s not much.

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